8 practical steps to make your home safe

Home alarm systems, CCTV cameras, video door phones and Home safes have become indispensable necessities in today’s day and age.

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8 practical steps to make your home safe

One of the biggest impediments to the adoption of security solutions in India has been a reactive attitude towards adopting solutions to safeguard one’s valuables and loved ones. Society is getting more tech-rich and empowered, and yet we remain as vulnerable to crime as before, says Mehernosh Pithawalla of Godrej Security Solutions. #IAmSecure

According to NCRB data, in India, everyday 312 burglary, 99 robbery, 1281 theft, and 94 rape cases are recorded. Every hour, four women in India become the victim of rape; which makes it approximately 94 rapes in a day. These are only figures which get recorded at the police stations.

There has also been a considerable rise in the number of housebreaks, burglaries and for those travelling out of the city or working late, the issue of home security can become a nagging thought at the back of the mind. Women, children and senior citizens are the victims of such gruesome incidents. Even in the recently released Safe City Index 2017 report by The Economist Intelligence, both the Indian cities, Delhi and Mumbai, are in the bottom ten in the infrastructure security category.

Market maturity

No doubt that the security marketplace has, in fact, evolved rapidly, but all these incidents call for immediate attention. Even one generation ago, peepholes were the only way in which a homeowner or resident could monitor the movement of a stranger standing outside her/his main door. Today, video door phones have emerged as a more reliable method of monitoring security outside one’s home.

With an aim to increase the adoption rate of security solutions and build a safer country where citizens can confidently say ‘I Am Secure’, Godrej Security Solutions (GSS), India’s renowned security solutions provider and part of the 120 years old Godrej Group, launched a slew of innovative home security solutions- EVE range of Home Cameras and SEE THRU PRO Video Door Phones- both Wifi enabled, as part of the #IAmSecure campaign’ that allows you to watch over your home and loved ones from anywhere in the world. The launch saw a successful participation of over 250 women from Mumbai and New Delhi. They also urged citizens to pledge and take charge of personal security and the security of their loved ones.

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Below are eight simple and practical ways to keep your home safe.

  1. Turn the lights on

It’s always wise to deter a crime. Try getting into the shoes of the burglar. A smart thief wouldn’t take a chance with a well-lit house. However, keeping the lights on at all times may not be economical. So use a timer switch that can turn the lights on every other hour. Motion sensors can activate the lights which will startle intruders and alert the neighbours at the same time.

  1. Know thy neighbour

Getting to know your neighbour can have more perks than the occasional borrowing and lending of household knickknacks. If you are going out for too long, inform a trustworthy neighbour and ask him or her to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

  1. Time for technology

Thieves have also upped their skills; therefore, one needs to look beyond rudimentary security systems to beat these tech-savvy burglars at their own game. Home alarm systems, CCTV cameras, video door phones and Home safes have become indispensable necessities in today’s day and age. They not only work as a deterrent for burglars but also offer remote monitoring facilities.

  1. A strong front door

The main door can not only create a beautiful first impression but also ensure the safety of the house. A mistake homeowners often make, is treating it like other doors in the house. Since the main door is handled more frequently, it requires better and stronger finish. Having a grill gate is mandatory, and upping its security quotient by installing a video door phone is imperative.

  1. Bolt up

Don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. Choose only the best hardware fittings for your home. The markets are flooded with substandard household fixtures that don’t hold up in case of a break in. Ensure that the safety hardware comes with safety certifications.

  1. Conceal external wiring

The wirings of a house are like jugular veins; exposing them makes the house more vulnerable to intrusions. A burglar knows that the movements of the people in the house can be crippled by disabling the security system and cutting the electricity and telephone lines. Do a site survey and detect any routing glitches and fix it. Conceal the wiring in good quality casing or capping. The latest security devices also come with a wire cut detection.

  1. Ensure safety of senior citizens and children

Thieves seek out houses where there are elderly people and children who spend considerable time alone at home. The fact that they are easy to overpower makes them easy targets. Video door phones come in handy because elders and children don’t have to open the door to communicate with visitors.

  1. Stay ‘safe’

Home safes are very convenient for keeping all your valuables Safeguarded at home. However, it is imperative to ensure that the safes are strong and of high quality. They can provide optimal safety and advanced security against burglary. New advanced safes from Godrej come with a host of features including safes that can send the owner an SMS the moment it is tampered with.

These tips may seem simple but go a long way in ensuring the safety of your house and giving you that peace of mind, even when you are miles away from home.

The author is Vice President and Global Head - Marketing, Sales & Innovation, Godrej Security Solutions Division, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

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