7 Precautions Every Biker Should Take During Monsoons

The months of monsoon are every biker’s dream; from riding past lush green trees to the smell of wet soil filling the dewy air. Whether it’s your quest for adventure, love for nature or your passion for bikes, monsoon is the perfect escape from the busy city streets.

While the season is undoubtedly touted as the best time for bikers, it could also prove to be the most lethal. The foggy weather coupled with heavy rains is enough to create the ideal scenario for an accident.

Precautionary measures become a necessity during the season to stay safe while enjoying your time outdoors. Follow these seven tips and keep your safety on priority:

1. Steer Clear Of Potholes

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During heavy rains, your vision is already compromised, and often, potholes can look like small puddles of water. When you’re riding past, avoid landing on what may even remotely seem like harmless pools of water.

2. Reduce Your Tyre Pressure


Water on the roads can quickly become your worst enemy, increasing the chances of skidding and swerving. To avert the risk, ensure you reduce your tyre pressure. This simple trick helps to generate more contact patches between the tyre’s rubber and the road, creating a better grip.

3. Avoid Painted Lines


Painted lines along the way are a great indicator of where to ride and what to avoid. It is also worth noting that driving near painted lines can often make the bike skid and cause injuries. Therefore, drive at a safe distance from those yellow and white lines to avoid any mishaps.

4. Slow Down


While the pleasant weather makes speeding through endless roads seem like a good idea, in reality, it’s not. Staying calm and focused even when traffic is at a minimum will save you from the added risks of crashes and hydroplaning.

5. Don’t Lean Into Corners


Riding past a long meandering road with your knees touching the ground may seem like a scene from a motor race circuit. But it’s best to avoid the stunt, particularly in monsoon. Avoid leaning into corners when you ride past steep turns.

6. Stay Away From Rainbow Patches


Often, there are spots on the ground where an oil leak from another vehicle has mixed with water to create a rainbow patch. These spots are slippery and maintaining control over your bike can be challenging. Stay safe by slowing down at these points.

7. Insulate Yourself


Long biking trips call for biking gear that keeps you safe. During the rains, the use of protective riding gear becomes imperative. Riding jackets, pants, shoes, gloves, and a good helmet will keep your safety and security in check.

With these nifty tips in mind, you and your bike are ready to battle any storm. Hit those safety buttons now!

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Updated Date: Jul 10, 2018 18:44:30 IST

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