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5 reasons why desi dishes are the best!

I scream you scream, we all scream for…gajar ka halwa! We know that’s not how it goes, but you wish you had a katori full of gajar ka halwa before you right now. That’s the thing about desi food – you can never get enough of it! Now, just imagine eating fast food for an entire week! That sounds great but won’t feel so great after a week. And that is why desi food is the best. We have been eating desi food for all our lives and still drool on the sight of piping hot aalu paranthas.

Nothing can beat a desi dish and here are five reasons why!

  1. Maa ke haath ka swad

 5 reasons why desi dishes are the best!

Maa ke hath ka meal is the real deal. And it’s also the most underrated and unappreciated thing in the entire universe. Just ask those young adults and college students who don’t live at home anymore. These are the people who loved eating out day-in and day-out until they couldn’t enjoy it anymore. It was maa ke haath ka khaana they missed and thus began the tradition of bringing back home cooked food after a visit from home among India’s youth.

  1. It’s tasty and healthy


We all know that desi food tastes amazing, but did you know they are is healthy too? Let’s take ghee for an example. Ghee not only enhances the flavour of any dish you put it in but also has various health benefits! Ghee helps boost digestion, helps in weight loss, balances hormones, strengthens immunity, and it’s good for you heart. So, the next time don’t forget adding a bit of ghee in your food.

  1. It’s all about the pure ingredients

TATA salt

The quality of the ingredients you use in your desi dish will be the deciding factor in its overall flavour. And by quality, we mean purity of the ingredients.

Purity plays an important role when it comes to one ingredient - Salt! Thus using pure salt in your food is of utmost importance. When we take the purity of salt into consideration, then TATA Salt is the only brand that comes to our mind. TATA Salt’s state-of-the-art vacuum evaporation process ensures an extremely high-quality end product.

Check out this purity test video and try it yourself at home!

  1. Look at all the colours


It has been said that you eat with your eyes first before you eat with your mouth. And there is no food in the world that beat desi dishes when it comes to the sheer diversity of colours. From red hot to fresh green and everything in between, desi dishes are an absolute visual delight.

  1. A tale of textures


Taste and texture go hand in hand and desi dishes once again come out on top. Be it Masala Dosa or Chicken Biryani, the different textures in a desi dish makes it so much more enjoyable to eat.

These are the five fantastic reasons that prove that desi dishes are the best. So, forget about around ordering a pizza and instead make a lip-smacking desi dish!

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Updated Date: Feb 20, 2018 11:58:04 IST

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