5 fashion staples that need to be a part of your capsule closet. Bye, bye wardrobe woes!

Girls, we all know that there are normal clothes and then there are super clothes. The ones that go with everything, the ones that you know you can never go wrong with and the ones that will and shall always be worth every penny. They help you create a kickass Capsule Wardrobe and save you tonnes of money and even more time. But what are these closet staples that you should buy?

Behold, for the answer, lies below.

1) A pair of stylish white or black sneakers

 5 fashion staples that need to be a part of your capsule closet. Bye, bye wardrobe woes!


Personally, we’d prefer basic ones since they go with dresses, leggings, shorts, jeans, everything. If you think most of your clothes go with a more colourful and trendy pair of sneakers then knock yourself out!

2) A classic brown belt.


Not only are these staple belts good to tie around your waist when your pants are slightly loose but you can also use them to add some character to your basic outfit. Wear it around a loose shirt to highlight your waist. If you have an ill-fitted and extra-large t-shirt then a belt around your waist can make it look like a dress. You can even wear it over your plain white kurta to make it look more stylish.

3) You can never go wrong with a white shirt

Ladies, if you don’t have one, that we strongly recommend you get one. It is extremely versatile, goes with everything and is a good investment for your capsule wardrobe.


You can wear it over jeans, pants, high waist skirts, even shorts. If you are in a mood to experiment, then wear it on top of a lehenga and add some chunky jewellery over it.

4) A denim jacket

A nice denim jacket makes sure you always have something to wear. It can even make you go from formal to casual with just one throw. If you are wearing a solid formal dress, all you have to do is wear a denim jacket and sneakers to make it look oh-so-casual.


You can even go all denim-on-denim by pairing it with your blue jeans. And if nothing else, you can always pair it with a crop top and skirt. Very chic!

5) Make it classy with drop earrings

Drop earrings can make a normal outfit look classy instantly. Whether it’s a party or an office event, drop earrings look like your ensemble is thought through, without actually doing it.

Take some cues!



Your aim should be to first get your basics in place and then move on to more seasonal pieces. If you are just starting with the whole capsule wardrobe regime, we suggest check out Flipkart fashion. All these pieces have been hunted from Flipkart only and you can find them and much more in their fashion section. Happy Capsuling y’all!

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Updated Date: Aug 07, 2019 15:06:09 IST