Watch these under-15 girls rock a metal band with Metallica, AC/DC covers

Picture this: A rock band featuring three girls covering Metallica, Twisted Sister and AC/DC whose bassist is 9 years old, drummer is 11 and vocalist is 14.

While most children their age frequent playgrounds, these sisters from Mexico are creating waves online with their rock covers. Their band, called The Warning, has received rave reviews from Coldplay and even Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. One look at their videos and you’ll be convinced of their phenomenal talent too. Here'shpw Twitter reacted to their video:

Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra. Image

Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra. Image

According to their website, vocalist Daniela, drummer Paulina, and bassist Alejandra from Monterrey, Mexico formed the band — The Warning —more than a year ago. While they initially started out with covers, they now compose original tracks as well. Over the last few months, their videos have gone viral.

In a rare feat for a group under 15 years of age, they have even signed a record deal with Victoria Records.

"Me and my sisters seem to complement each other. What one lacks, the other has. We’re just a great team. We’re family! says Paulina on their official website,

Now, these siblings are setting higher goals. The girls dream of attending a five-week summer program at the internationally renowned Berklee College of Music and have begun a set up a GoFundMe campaign to finance it, which they hope to promote with their music. Already a number of people have started supporting the girls though GoFundMe as well as by gifting them with musical instruments.

"Behind every successful musician, there are a number of people who’ve helped along the way. Please join Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra on this next leg of their muscial journey to share their passion and joy of music with the world," says their official website.

Besides a musical educations, these girls also hope to make a television appearance, on the The Ellen Degeneres show. Their website urges fans to email Ellen to invite the siblings over, saying "If you enjoyed The Warning’s music videos then please email Ellen and request the girls be guests on The Ellen Degeneres show!"

While we cannot say how successful their television dreams may be, but their music is sure to take them places!

Updated Date: Apr 20, 2015 20:01 PM

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