Is the McDonald's 'Masala Dosa Brioche' burger as terrifying as we expected it to be?

If your gag reflex was activated on hearing the term 'Masala Dosa burger', then we don't blame you. The combination of this South Indian delicacy and anything burger-like sounds like something a cash-strapped college student would concoct out of desperation, rather than something that needs to feature on a McDonald's breakfast menu.

So what is the deal with this infamous new burger anyway? According to this Huffington Post article, this new McAloo Tikki burger variant has brioche ie French bread, molaga podi chutney mayo and a patty with an aloo filling similar to that of an actual masala dosa. Clearly, social media couldn't digest the hypothetical 'fusion' burger.

But does this controversial burger really deserve its bad rap? According to this review on Brown Paper Bag, it may not be that atrocious but there isn't much to talk about. "This sandwich, while not outright horrifying, is definitely among the worse breakfasts you’ll eat not simply around the city, but inside McDonald’s itself," the article explains.

"This stuff is just dull, flat, stale without ever having had a chance to be fresh. It’s not just the weird McD bread, dense but pore-less as a baby’s skin...the promised “molaga podi sauce” never materialises — down to its last sour-milk clutch at the back of our throat, the sauce on this sandwich is the same peach-coloured mayo that haunts every other McDonald's burger."

Now we don't know if this burger will be deemed 'anti national' or a capitalist product perpetuating cultural appropriation, but you need to ask yourself, would you spend Rs 42 for this? Let us know what you think about this McMasala Dosa creation.

Updated Date: Jan 17, 2017 00:23:23 IST