Laureus World Sports Awards, Best Sporting Moment October nominees: Jake Olson achieves his dream

FP Sports, Oct, 04 2017

Jake Olson, 20, lost his sight when he was 12 due to retinal cancer. He always dreamed of representing the University of Southern California, and he was determined not to let his impairment stop him from achieving his dream.

On 2 September his dream came true: Jake helped his team score the final point in a game against West Michigan University by snapping the ball between his legs to help set up a kick. He celebrated the win in front of 70,000 fans, saying after the game, "it was an awesome feeling, something that I'll remember forever. Getting to snap at USC as a football player... I'm trying to say as much as I can because I can't quite believe it yet."

Jake has been on USC's football programme since 2009 after he was spotted by former coach Pete Carroll who heard about his cancer and support for the Trojans. He lost his left eye when he was 10 months old and had to have the right eye removed when he was 12 - his final wish was to watch the Trojans' practice the night before he had the surgery.

He has been training with the Trojans since 2015, having enrolled at the university on a scholarship for physically challenged athletes.“I’m of the mindset, and I know it’s a cliché, but where there’s a will there’s a way,” Olson said. “The only person who can limit you is yourself… I don’t think there are any excuses out there that, if you really want to go do something, should stop you.” Jake Olson has inspired many with his positive attitude and drive.

Jake Olson's determination to achieve his dream is one of the nominees for October’s Laureus Best Sporting Moment.

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Laureus World Sports Awards have been in existence for the last 17 years, with the first Laureus Awards held in 2000. Other than the Laureus Best Sporting Moment, Laureus announces its awards in eight different categories, some of them being: Laureus World Sportsman of the Year, Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year, Laureus World Team of the Year.


Published Date: Oct, 04 2017 | Updated Date: Oct, 04 2017

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