Why Five Litres?

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Why Five Litres?
Why Five Litres

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Did you know that a normal individual needs to consume up to 2 litres of water per day. Kids under the age of 8 require around a litre per day.  Undoubtedly, Water is the bare necessity of life.

Yet sadly, in India, clean water is not that readily available. In a country of 133 crore citizens, approximately 69 crore Indians lack access to healthy drinking water. That's an astounding 51.9% of our citizens.  This results in a large portion of our citizens being forced to consume impure or dirty water (take our Dirty Water Challenge to know more).

By drinking impure or unsafe water the population is vulnerable to diseases that are borne out of drinking this water, diseases like Cholera, Hepatitis, Typhoid, etc.

The worst impacted by these diseases are children. That is because not only does the disease hurt them physically, but impure water also has an impact on the mind, leading to stunted growth.

This is the very reason Eureka Forbes’ Aquaguard and Network18 have brought out the 5-litre Pledge. Every citizen of India can do their bit, by pledging to share 5 litres a day with the needy. This 5-litre donation could be to your watchman, gardener, cook, servant or someone else. The donation can then be used by the lesser fortunate for personal consumption. Imagine, if a family of four that has 2 kids, could get 5 litres of healthy water every day, they could then be protected from diseases. This movement could be a game-changer, a movement that has grown ground-up.

And pledging only is just one side of this amazing movement. The Jal Daan Movement is going many steps further. So, for every single pledge that is taken, Aquaguard will donate Rs. 10 for setting up a community water plant in different areas that are below the poverty line. Already, eight community water plants have been commissioned in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Jorhat, Satara, Neral and around 16 Water Purification systems in rural villages & schools across Maharashtra & Gujarat. Imagine, the thousands of people across the nation that will be able to access clean water, just because of your pledge.

So what are waiting for? Remember, one small act can create a large impact. Similarly, a monumental change in India, begins with Jaldaan. Take a pledge and be part of this movement. Jaldaan is not a just a charity but a national movement. Join now.

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