It’s time for IPL. And more importantly, it’s time for Fantasy Cricket

It’s that time of the year again. When everyone is glued to the 6-week festival of 6s – The Indian Premier League. As the teams slug it out on the field, there is a big battle happening off-field too – between fans. And the preferred venue for this seems to be the recently launched website “Fandromeda”, which is offering fantasy cricket for IPL.

Fantasy cricket is a game where users create virtual teams and earn points & prizes based on their players’ performances in the real matches. So it gives every person a chance to be a selector, and an opportunity to demonstrate their cricket knowledge. At the end of it, there are prizes for the top teams, but more importantly, big bragging rights.

The company behind Fandromeda – TenTenTen Digital Products – created and ran the Official IPL Fantasy League for the last 3 years. This year, however, they decided to offer the game to fans directly by launching Fandromeda.


Ramesh Srivats, MD, TenTenTen

When asked for the reason behind this move, Ramesh Srivats, the MD of TenTenTen said, “People loved the official games we created for IPL. We sort of defined the fantasy cricket experience for fans, in terms of rules & features, as well as the interface. So we thought it would be a great idea to allow people to play it through the year. Fandromeda launched a month back and got a great response in the recently concluded World T20. The IPL game is now open. This is the same game that people loved and played for 3 years. And as we move ahead, we plan to expand our offering to not just cover all cricket, but also innovate in other areas like bringing in paid games with cash prizes, other sports like Kabaddi & Football, and even game formats beyond fantasy. The idea behind Fandromeda is to give fans a permanent platform in which they can engage in their favorite sports.”

Apart from single-match games for casual users, Fandromeda also caters to the die-hard fan with the Championship mode. In this mode, users create an initial team and make substitutions through the IPL. With features like free uncapped-sub, permanent stealth, and overseas cap, the game promises to add a new dimension of excitement throughout the tournament. Users can also form private leagues to play with their friends.

Image Courtesy: Fandromeda

Image Courtesy: Fandromeda

So, if you want to play selector, show-off your cricket knowledge, or simply want to add a new level of enjoyment this IPL, you can head to Fandromeda and perhaps, be on your way to fame and fortune.

Fandromeda can be accessed on the web and mobile web at There’s also an Android app that can be downloaded from the site.

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Updated Date: Apr 05, 2016 12:32 PM