Woes of the middle-class homeowners

While the middle-class homeowners accumulate a sum of money to buy a good house, they are confronted by several issues.

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Woes of the middle-class homeowners

Every man primarily aims to achieve the most important necessities of life – food, clothes and shelter. Though the larger section of the society, the middle class, finds it comparatively simpler to attain the first two necessities, it is not easy to procure a home that you can call your own. Whether you are a metro person or a small city dweller, it is rather tough to make an important investment like buying a house.

Woes of the middleclass homeowners

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While the middle-class homeowners accumulate a sum of money to buy a good house, they are confronted by several issues. Take a look at some of the most common woes of the middle-class homeowners.

Delayed house possession

It is almost always the case that the builder of the apartment building delays the house possession date creating further frustration in homeowners. The people ought to own it at a certain date are waiting for years for their property, a further delay only adds to their annoyance.

Over promise on home facilities

Most builders are known to over-commit on the facilities that will come along with the new house. This is a prevalent tactic to lure more buyers. This turns out to be a complete disaster for the homeowners when they are let down eventually after the house is handed over.

Below the expectation mark

To sell off faster and at higher quoted prices, the builders usually over pledge and by the time, the final product is all ready to be handed over, it is nothing but a let-down for the homeowner. Generally, the house turns out to be way below the expectation of the buyer.

Extremely high maintenance charges

The homeowner is already dealing with a hole in his or her pocket when a surprisingly high amount of maintenance charge is introduced to the new homeowners. This most often adds to the grief of the already dissatisfied homeowner. The most popular complaint is that the maintenance charges are above the deserved cost.

Additional price to the grand house cost

Before we make a purchase, we measure the value for the money we will shell out. To-be homeowners are by now anyway whining over the big lump sum they pay out for the house. With all the add-on expenses from the builder’s end, the cost of the final possession mounts up to much higher. This causes the homeowners to be more disgruntled right in the beginning of the home owning process.

Everything we have or wish to own comes with a list of pros and cons. However, to be able to avoid these common types of woes that accompany the process of buying homes, you can always opt for reliable names in the real estate business like Godrej, Indiabulls and so on. They have a variety of offerings as far as suitable housing is concerned as well as they are the trusted names in this field.

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