Realty fads for grand luxury properties

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Realty fads for grand luxury properties
Realty fads for grand luxury properties

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In today’s realty market, there’s more to a luxury home than good looks and fancy finishes- those are hygiene factors. What sets a high-end home apart are the features on the property that go well beyond mere shelter - wide open spaces, activity centres, coffee shops, libraries, lounge bars, supervised play areas, a super market, a spa, you name it…

Leading builders today are vying to outdo each other in offering new and exciting of levels of comfort and luxury in the homes they’re building. Who needs a holiday home when your apartment complex boasts of an 18-hole golf course, an opulent spa, tennis courts, and multi-cuisine restaurant?

Every city in India today has one or more of these uber-luxury projects either already open for sale and fully-functional, or underway with interested buyers already lined up. In general, there a few agreed-upon form factors that constitute luxury homes.

Large living-spaces with all mod-cons – forget the simple boxy layouts of the lower and mid-range of the spectrum, luxury home are all about large, well-lit spaces that mostly flow into one another.

Themed-spaces – luxury homes set themselves apart by coming pre-loaded with an aesthetic- interior finishes by leading designers, exteriors styled along the lines of a Spanish villa, or Moroccan palace. They might orient themselves around one leading feature, say a 9-hole golf course, or a private lake or a sumptuous spa.

Smart-homes – owners of today’s luxury residences can expect to control the ambient temperature, review security cameras, adjust lighting and a host of other settings remotely by virtue of more and more builders incorporating smart-home features into their build plans.

So it seems like the outlook for luxury housing can only get rosier, so long as there are high net-worth individuals and corporates who are looking to live or invest in the high end of luxury living.

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