Markets, MFs, expenses: 5 apps to download

If you are reading this story, we assume you already know what "Apps" are. And, you also know how they have changed the world we live in. The same stands true when it comes to our money. Today technology has shrunk the world on our 3X2 inches mobile screens, and how? Any information is available in a matter of minutes, at times even seconds. Here are five interesting finance related apps you could download on your smart-phone and your money life won't be the same again.

Markets App:

Moneycontrol: If you are someone who likes second by second updates on the stock market, this app will serve you well. Not only do you get stock quotes in real time, you also get gyan on the Indian and global indices. Plus, information on top market gainers and losers, and 52 weeks high/ low scripts for both Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). You can also track your investment portfolio, view videos and customize your stock sticker. Tracking currencies and commodity prices is a piece of cake here. If you are someone who likes to consume news related to economy, business and financial markets, this is a good app for you to download.

This app is available across all platforms like Apple, Android, Blackberry, Nokia as well as Windows. And, you will be able to watch CNBC - TV18 as well as the Hindi business channel CNBC AAWAZ live. You don't need to pay a fee to download this app.Full disclosure: moneycontrol is a sister-product of Firstpost, but we truly believe it's the best markets app in the market.

Mutual Funds App:

Fundsupermart: Is an online Mutual Funds (MFs) investment portal. The Fundsupermart app is an easy way to get MF related news. You can see web-casts where you can watch fund managers and industry experts sharing their views on various topics relating to the MF industry. You can get data on the latest Net Assets Value (NAV) of 3,000 plus MF schemes. Track individual performance of MFs as well as upgrade your knowledge of the MF industry with various articles and research reports with this app. You can view investment ideas updated on a weekly basis. In fact, this app also offers in-depth information regarding MFs for four countries; India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. You can download this app free of cost on an Android based phone even if you are not their customer.

Financial Calculator App:

 Markets, MFs, expenses: 5 apps to download

The financial calculator comes with various in-built calculators on currency conversions, compound interest, credit card pay off calculators, return on investment calculators and like.

Financial calculator: This financial calculator app is developed by BiShinews and provides solutions to a number of calculations within a matter of seconds. Need to calculate the tip which you want to leave at a restaurant, just choose the tip calculator option. If you want to know the amount of money you can save after a discount, just select the discount calculator option. Moreover, you get access to home loan calculators, where you can know the exact Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) amount, you need to pay on your loan. That's not all, you can also check if switching your current loan to a new lender, gives you a better deal. You even get an option to email the results via the calculator. If your agent promises you an unrealistic return on your investments, you don't need to battle with excel sheets anymore, just quickly verify using the app, if he's really stating the correct amount or just bluffing. This calculator comes with various in-built calculators on currency conversions, compound interest, credit card pay off calculators, return on investment calculators and like. With built-in templates, all you have to do is provide the numbers and the calculator offers the results within seconds. You can download this calculator for the Android platform smart-phones free of cost.

Banking App:

All India Bank info: Download this app and you no longer need to look for your cheque book or log on to the net on your computer to get any banks' details. You can get information on branch addresses and telephone numbers. In fact, this app also gives you a quick access to 11 digits Indian Financial System Code (IFSC code) and 9 digits Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR code). You need to provide this information while doing various financial transactions as well as filing up various financial forms. This app gives details for all banks in India, and more the 80,000 plus branches. For instance, if you want to make a bank transfer to account at the Dharamaj branch, in Anand, Gujarat for a Bank of India, it will just take you a few seconds to get all the required information. This app is available for both Apple as well as Android platform and free to use.

Budgeting App:

Expense Manger: If managing your expenses is an issue, this app will help you with your monthly budgeting. This app is available for the Android platform and a good tool to manage your expenses and income. You need to feed in your expenses and income and you will be able to track the same on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. This app gives a better picture of the state of your finances. Moreover, you can know track your expenses across different categories and hence, recognize your spending patterns and habits. Schedule alerts using this app for various payments, even recurring payments. The apps allow you to take photographs of receipts for corresponding expenses. It works well, for those who are interested in bringing some order into their money life.

There are a large number of apps available for various platforms right from Android to Blackberry and Apple to Windows. The apps mentioned here are all free and information- related apps and none are transaction related apps. Keep in mind, in case something goes wrong with your app, at present there are no firm legal provisions but these apps fall under the Amended Information Technology Act. Expecting you to read the terms and conditions before downloading, would probably be too much. But once you click the "I agree" button on the page, you have technically agreed.

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Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 19:14:58 IST