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Lok Sabha Election Results LIVE 2019

Your vote is your voice Button Dabao, Desh Banao!

Great change comes from taking great responsibilities. So nowhere is this truer than one of the world's largest functioning democracies - India. We are just getting past the halfway point in the Lok Sabha Elections - 2019 with polling completed in 303 of 543 seats, but the uncertainty of voter turnout still hangs in the air.

Maybe it's the heat, the fact that polling stations could be miles away from home or the fact that there are no provisions to help the aged and those with disabilities get to the polling stations. Or that a considerable portion of the population still lives below the poverty line and can be easily swayed to vote for whoever promises them the most benefits. However, here’s where you - the informed, self-actualised voter - must step in.

 Your vote is your voice Button Dabao, Desh Banao!

Instead of getting caught up in complaining about lousy roads and water problems, perhaps this time around you can decide to get to your polling station and push that voting button to take your nation into an exciting future. The voter turnout in the third phase, which covered 117 constituencies across 15 states, was 65.61% as compared to 66% polling during the 2014 general elections. While this meant that close to half the population didn’t vote in 2014, this year allows us to affect real change. Leave the wishful thinking behind and let's explore why casting your vote is the most important thing you can do for your country today.

Every vote is a chance for change:

It can be tempting to hide behind the common consensus of ‘what difference will it make?’ or ‘when everyone does it, so will I’. But, we can all agree, this is not how our best leaders thought, and that’s why great change became possible. This year how about being the change we wish to see in the world, setting an example for friends, relatives and those younger than you instead.

Exercise your right, own your responsibility

The governance of our country is based on two things - the right to a free and fair election and the fact that everything in the constitution is of, by and for the people of this democratic nation. This means every person has power and exercising your vote means using your power for good, for progress and above all to protect the rights of generations to come. Because finally, it is we the people hold the power of choosing leaders that represent us.

The fourth phase of the Lok Sabha elections 2019 is upon us with as many as 72 Lok Sabha constituencies across nine states scheduled to vote. Of the 43 crore registered women voters, this year has already seen record turn out in the first two phases. We hope this momentum continues. another heartening fact - close to 1.5 crore of the total 90 crore voter base is in the age group of 18-19 years will be voting for the very first time this election. With results due on May 23rd, the window of opportunity for change growers ever smaller and only makes every single vote that much more precious.

The only constant is change and the future will still have problems and challenges, but now is the time to come together as a nation and show up to support the candidates we believe in. Let’s be the generation that fought for democracy at one of the most critical junctures in election history - today - 2019!

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