Woman attacked with machete in Bangalore ATM, left paralysed

Oddly, the assailant left behind the victim's gold bangles and gold chain.

FP Staff November 20, 2013 10:43:44 IST
Woman attacked with machete in Bangalore ATM, left paralysed

Twenty-four hours after a woman was attacked and left bleeding inside an ATM in Bangalore, the police have made no arrests though the face of the assailant is clearly visible in the CCTV footage from inside the ATM.

The victim, 44-year-old Jyothi Uday, has suffered injuries to her skull. The right side of her body is paralysed.

Woman attacked with machete in Bangalore ATM left paralysed

A screengrab from the CCTV footage showing the attack

Around 7.10 on Tuesday morning, the 44-year-old bank manager was brutally assaulted with a machete by a man who held her at gun-point and demanded that she withdraw cash and hand it over. When she resisted, he hit her with the weapon, before calmly using a piece of paper to wipe blood off his weapon and then leave the ATM, pulling the shutters down once again as he left. The woman received help only about three hours later when two school schildren saw blood trickling out from the ATM and alerted passers-by. The Corporation Bank ATM, located at NR Square on the busy JC Road, was unguarded at that hour of the morning.

The management of the Corporation Bank reportedly admitted that the ATM did not have a security guard, though there is a guard employed for the bank's branch located five metres away.

Speaking to The HinduPolice Commissioner Raghavendra H Auradkar said there is cause for concern that the ATM was unguarded.

The report added that he would insist, through the RBI, that banks deploy security guards at all ATMs, around the clock. “We have been sending reminders to all banks. We will remind them again. This is the only option for them... While a majority of MNC banks have round-the-clock security guards, this practice is not followed by all the nationalised banks. Some do not even have guards,” he reportedly said.

Another report also said the banking industry has often pointed out the financial unviability of posting guards round the clock at every ATM kiosk.

Investigating officials told reporters that Jyothi has been unable to give any more details of the attack.

A report in the Times of India said her colleagues at the Corporation Bank branch where she works had tried to call her around 8.15 am, concerned since it was half an hour past her usual time of arrival at work. "The phone rang the first few times. Later, it was switched off. Around 10.40am, we got a call from police saying she had been attacked," a senior manager at her branch, Suresh AN, was quoted as saying.

While she was first rushed to Victoria Hospital, she was later moved to Nimhans. She has sustained injuries on her head, arm and nose. She later underwent surgery at the BGS Global Hospitals.

Oddly, the assailant who left the ATM with some things from Jyothi's purse, he left behind the gold jewellery she was wearing. "Surprisingly, the jewellery the lady was wearing was not taken away. She was wearing a chain, bangles and other items," Kamal Pant, Joint Police Commissioner, told NDTV.

The attack lasted about five minutes in all with CCTV footage showing the man entering the ATM seconds after Jyothi entered around 7.09 am. He left at 7.14 am. Jyothi was finally discovered at 10.30 am.

"She is in shock but out of danger. We have formed two teams to nab the attacker," Ulsoorgate ACP Siddaramaiah is quoted as saying in this report in The Indian Express.

The video of the attack is below, but it contains graphic violence and disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

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