Wife posts wedding pics on Facebook, engineer hangs himself

Upset over his wife posting photos of their wedding, resident of Chennai allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself.

According to a report, Chandan Kumar Singh worked in a software firm and had married his colleague Sandhya in July despite his parents objecting to the union on account of her belonging to another religion.

Singh, who hails from Jharkhand, had been married in a church and his parents had gone to the extent of telling his relatives that he had moved to Australia. His wife's parents had conducted the wedding.

Representational image. AFP

Representational image. AFP

However, his wife recently put the wedding photos on Facebook and even tagged him which made them visible to all his relatives and some of them even called his parents.

They called Singh to object about the images and reportedly told him that the wedding wouldn't be viewed kindly.

Singh asked his wife that the photos be taken down but she refused saying that their marriage was legitimate. They argued late into the night on Saturday after which Singh went off to sleep in his room while his wife slept in another room.

The next morning when his wife went to the room she found him hanging. A note has also been found in which he said that he was taking his life since he was upset over the photos not being taken down.

Updated Date: Oct 28, 2013 14:53 PM

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