Watch: Anna Hazare says why he’s unafraid of uncomfortable questions

Social activist and anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare is set for a busy trip to the US involving debates in prestigious universities but says he's not worried about being asked any uncomfortable questions.

"I will talk based on the questions from people...I don't have so much knowledge but when God gives me a thought I tell it to people," Hazare told Firstpost in an exclusive interview at his hometown of Ralegan Siddhi.

When asked about his motivation was to visit the US this year, the anti-corruption activist said that he was touched by the love of the NRI community for their motherland and had decided to visit them.

Hazare said he will respond in the manner he knew best. Screengrab from Firstpost interview

Hazare said he will respond in the manner he knew best. Screengrab from Firstpost interview

Hazare, who will leave for the US on 15 August, said he will be visiting Columbia University, Wharton University, New York, Washington, South Carolina, Atlanta, Chicago, Petersburgh and attend a meeting with the governor of Delaware during the course of the trip.

A group of US politicians are also expected to speak with him about politics, the activist said, adding that he would point out the failings of the Indian political system to them.

"I will tell them that the manner in which politicians are contesting elections in India is against the principles of the constitution...I will only say what is in the constitution and place my views before them," Hazare said.

And what of any uncomfortable questions that he may face during his visit?

"Comments will be made for sure. Someone will always throw stones at a tree which has fruits. No one throws stones at a tree without fruits. What is there to be scared?" the septugenarian activist said.

See the complete interview with the activist above.

Updated Date: Aug 14, 2013 15:10 PM

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