Who will fight for Aditya Sachdev, the youth shot for overtaking the son of a politician?

I don’t know Aditya Sachdev. Neither do you. And we never will. Because he was shot to death at the age of 19 for having dared to do something stupid.

He overtook a political leader’s son’s car on the highway in democratic India, in the wonderful state of Bihar. The sort of retribution Kim Jong Un would have engaged in after having had his sensibilities offended.

Happened in Gaya with JDU leader Manorama Devi’s son Rocky getting rightly pissed off that this cheeky sod would dare to pass his excellency’s vehicle, what with armed guards and security and all that sitting next to him when the incident occurred.

Youths who were beaten up allegedly by JD(U) MLC Manorama Yadav’s son for overtaking his car in Bihar’s Gaya district on Saturday night. PTI

Youths who were beaten up allegedly by JD(U) MLC Manorama Yadav’s son for overtaking his car in Bihar’s Gaya district on Saturday night. PTI

My first reaction was that Aditya Sachdev deserved to be shot because you are just another bozo, this is a politician’s son, what were you thinking, of course he could shoot you. This is equal India. Not much different when you consider from North Korea.

His Mama says Rocky beta is innocent and Mama’s don’t lie. The possibility that the gun went off as a scuffle took place is on the cards. Rocky is on the run so we cannot get his version but dude, look at the car, there is a neat bullet hole smack, right dab in the centre of the glass at the rear which could only happen if you saw some garden variety Indian daring to pass you by and you lifted your carbine and pot-shotted the fellow.

In the bloody back.

Because you were insulted, I mean, you are the son of a political bigwig and this boy doesn’t know his aukat. Damn decent of Rocky to have only shot him once.

Tell you what can happen now that some of the security personnel have been arrested. Since they did not do the shooting they will have to be let off. Rocky, currently man on the run, will be found once the ducks are placed in order and ‘arrangements’ made for this case to follow certain lines. Mama Manorama probably knows where sonny boy is... probably lunches are being sent in little tiffin boxes while the Sachdev family moan the death of a son.

Since this story has the staying power of 48 hours (maximum) the following things will occur. In whatever order suits the JD(U) leaders... hey Nits you listening, mate, little wads of notes will exchange hands. Witnesses will get attacks of convenient amnesia. The grieving family will be well advised to ease up and take advantage of the reality of the situation... it is not as if Aditya is coming back. Make a compromise. Life has to go on. If they do not see sense there will be veiled threats dispatched as concern for the family welfare.

All through these negotiations as the initial truth becomes opaque and the huge, big bear of a son temporarily in the lock up munches on home food and pals up with the cops and gets a mobile phone to stay in touch, the blame will get a set of wheels and begin to shift dramatically onto Aditya.

He was drunk. He was out of control. He was driving dangerously. He had five friends in the car who threatened poor Rocky. They kicked his car and took on the security who were armed to the teeth which, of course is the normal thing to do, take on cops with guns.

Perhaps one of the security personnel or the driver or a ‘volunteer’ will finally be produced who will confess that he accidentally fired the shot and poor Rocky had nothing to do with it. In fact he was asleep. That will sell.

And I was thinking this Monday morning what if we just change the scenario and make media the protector of the dead. Let’s just keep this story on the front burner and ensure that some sort of justice is given him in memoriam. How about we say okay this is not North Korea it is India and we want Rocky the Rifleman to pay his dues according to law and no cover up, please.

Let’s just keep this story going beyond its 48 hour shelf life.

How can such highhanded murderous arrogance be just another one of those things?

Updated Date: May 09, 2016 10:36 AM

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