TERI galti? With Pachauri back in the organisation, here's some of the creepiness staffers can expect

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) brought back RK Pachauri (currently accused of sexual harassment of a colleague) as the executive vice chairman. Pachauri had held charge of TERI for close to 35 years. According to the Indian Express, Pachauri will have executive powers, though Ajay Mathur, a member of the Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change, is officially the director general of TERI.

TERI galti? With Pachauri back in the organisation, heres some of the creepiness staffers can expect

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Recently Pachauri was accused of trying to coax witnesses and those involved in the case to settle out of court. Read this detailed Firstpost article.

Mail Today carried  a report including some of the messages that Pachauri exchanged with the woman who accuses him of sexual harassment.

If these messages do not qualify as sexual harassment, then we don't know what does.

The following excerpts are from conversations that transpired between RK Pachauri and the complainant as curated by Canadian journalist, Donna Laframboise's website (where she has been following up on the Pachauri case), Mail Today and Outlook. The gifs, however are our own take — Pachauri should not be in office till he is cleared of all charges and him being brought back as executive vice chairman only makes us look for a huge palm upon which we can rest our face.

'Curbing my instincts' 

(17 September 2013)

I shall try to suppress my human feelings, and live with a sad restraint on my words and actions. Never to make you uncomfortable or stressed on my account…I never want to make you uncomfortable even if it requires curbing my own instincts. 


'But the fire that beckons me...'

(23 September 2013)

Myriads of living beings and objects inanimate too

Are attracted to others which compels them to traverse

Unfathomable distances merging with those unknown or in their quest,

Which is nature’s wondrous power moving the whole glorious universe. The essence of these verses is not a venture in astronomy,

Nor is it driven by the stupid arrogance of trying to explain

The movement of heavenly bodies in this infinite expanse of creation, Just a weak confession this is of my truth in Queen’s reign.

And the nearest analogy I can uncover of somewhat similar attraction

Is that of a moth around a candle and its tragic fate,

Where the intense heat and fire are for the moth coldly destructive,

But the fire that beckons me does my drab life magically rejuvenate!

Never in the days bygone have I been inspired thus

To give a girl joy and love rendered as a selfless offering

But she is my queen, whose goodness and virtue are matched

Only by her beauty, and in my soul she induces a sublime stirring.

Hence, now I dream of her sweet and generous indulgence

To let me love her in earnest for many years hence, I'll never expect

Any regal gifts in return but only her love and care, and licence

To let me love her with intensity unlimited and totally unchecked.

And if her heart is faint and fails her soul my song to resonate

Then I pledge to the heavens above that no girl shall I love any more;

Never to smile again, the joy she bestows will I quell with perennial pain,

And I shall into my shell for the rest of my days woefully withdraw!


But is a little show of tenderness so difficult for you? At the end of a long day is it so alien to your nature to sit on the sofa next to me and hold my hand, and possibly even give me a hug? Or do you want to confirm to me that you are bereft of any emotion…

'I find it very difficult now to hug you'

(10 October, 2013)

Dearest, Have been up since 2 am. One thought has been bothering me, which of course may give you relief and comfort. I suddenly woke up to the feeling that I find it very difficult now to hug you. What haunts me are your words from the last time when you used the words that I “grabbed” your “body”. That would apply to someone who would want to molest you. I have loved you in soul, mind and heart, and your body is as sacred to me as your soul. Yes, I would love you physically, only because I love you in all the other aspects I have mentioned. I, therefore, have a mental block now, and would find it difficult to touch you except to kiss your hand. But perhaps that is just what you wanted. Still very much in love but from a distance. P”


'Rejecting my fervent offer'

(15 October 2015)

“You are rejecting my fervent offer to keep and nurture my heart! :( here I am sitting and chairing an IPCC meeting and surreptitiously sending you messages. I hope that tells you of my feelings for you ! *.*


'Deliberately behaving in a manner that prevents you from getting closer to me'

(21 December 2013)

You are either deliberately behaving in a manner that prevents you from getting closer to me…or you are truly a cold individual, whose emotions are only aroused by a nice looking young guy who you can take to bed with you.


There are a number of other creepy messages that you can read on Donna's blog. Pachauri's lawyers had said that his email and phone account were "hacked". However, the Delhi Police found "no evidence" to support his claims.


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