Surgical strikes across LoC: Pakistan's response shows it didn't expect retaliation post Uri

India’s surgical strikes on terrorist camps on the other side of the LoC have been denied by Pakistan. These camps were not on their territory, it says, and that India is lying.

Moot point. So be it. India really doesn’t need that seal of approval and her paratroopers have done what they were sent to do. Destroy terrorists wherever they are.

So, there is no beef. If it didn’t happen as Pakistan says, and it was not playing to these gun-toting killers' host it cannot see this as a hostile act. Consequently, since Pakistan is also vehement in being a victim of terrorism, it should thank India for helping out.

 Surgical strikes across LoC: Pakistans response shows it didnt expect retaliation post Uri

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With this attack, India has added a military manoeuvre to three other fronts: the diplomatic offensive stopping Saarc and asking for a global category of our neighbor as a sponsor and exporter of terror, up the ante of the threat of abrogating the Indus Waters Treaty and opening up the issue of the MFN status in trade. These are the four major fronts and all are active.

Clearly, Pakistan did not think that Uri would spark so much response. It probably imagined that India would do another Pathankot, make sounds and leave it at that.

Which is why it is imperative that after the operation last night, India does take the bait and begin producing evidence of any sort to show Pakistan up. We went in and we killed terrorists and we came home. We never attacked Pakistan and we don’t need to explain, a tendency that very often detracts from our successful initiatives.

At this juncture, it would need someone with a very twisted mind in India to say that action per se has not been taken. There are no partisan politics, no parties, just one country telling the world no more killers in cold blood will be tolerated.

If there is a major fear, it is not of Pakistan firing Shaheen missiles at Indian cities because there is no provocation to do so and India has not attacked their Army, but it lies in making sure that fifth columns in our cities are not allowed to be woken up and sent into action.

It becomes imperative for all Indians to now play a role — not so much vigilantes but observers. It is disturbing that there have been sightings of armed men prowling near military bases and being able to vanish. That such people with hostile intent are in our country already is a given and we would have to be unutterably naïve to think otherwise.

Consequently, do not rent rooms to strangers without a proper vetting. If you see new faces in the locality and their conduct strikes you as odd call the police. Rather, we were wrong than victims. It is easy to form community groups and make ourselves safer.

That India must be on alert is only common sense. Especially in the coming days as actions set into motion gather momentum and begin to engage in the ripple effect.

Be vigilant and salute those men who jumped out of their aircraft into the night while we were in our beds asleep… because they are there.

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Updated Date: Sep 29, 2016 17:16:52 IST