Sibal unmoved on JEE, tells IIT to suggest better solutions

The Union HRD minister has clarified that there will be no going back on the new IIT entrance exam format and it will be implemented from 2013.

FP Staff June 20, 2012 12:55:49 IST

Despite the criticism for the new IIT entrance exam format from next year, Union Human Resources Development minister Kapil Sibal today strongly defended it and said there was no going back on his 'one exam' policy for selecting students for the premier institutes.

Sibal unmoved on JEE tells IIT to suggest better solutions

Kapil Sibal has said the new IIT-JEE will be implemented from 2013. PTI

Given the decision to hold the new format of the entrance exam was taken by the IIT Council there was no question of going back on it, Sibal said in an interview today that was  tweeted by CNN IBN's Sagarika Ghose.

And for students hoping that the new system could be delayed due to the opposition to it, Sibal said that the new examination will be implemented from 2013.

As per the new system, there will be two exams that students will have to write but their class XII examination scores would also count.

"The old JEE destroying school system, leading to rampant coaching industry, biased in favour of urban areas and boys," Sibal reportedly said.

Arguing against claims that the new system would not benefit the autonomy of the IITs and the quality of the students entering the institutes, the minister said he was willing to consider any better solutions that the IITs could come up with.

"IITs cannot pursue excellence at the cost of the school system. They must also have a stake in Board exams," the minister reportedly said.

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