Troop movement stories 'fables of a twisted mind': Army Chief

Army Chief General VK Singh has said that the troop movements on 16 January, described by the Indian Express as having 'spooked' the government, were routine and required no authorisation from the defence ministry.

The army chief also hinted that the story had been 'fed' to the media by the political establishment: PTI

In his first major interview since the Express report last Monday, Gen Singh speaking to The Hindu said, "“Notify for what? What was happening? We keep doing this so many times.”

He also denied the Express claim that a clarification had been sought from him to explain the troop movements saying, “It was not like that. No clarification was asked for. These were routine issues. I don't think one or two units should ever bother anyone. It was not as if the whole of the armoured division was marching towards Delhi. This is just a figment of imagination.”

In the interview Gen Singh also categorically denied that there was a connection between the troop movements and the case he filed before the Supreme Court with regards to a controversy over his date of birth.

Reiterating that the government and army were on the 'same page', the general said, however, that 'sections of the bureaucracy' may have been feeding false stories to the media to discredit him. "Sections of the bureaucracy can be feeding wrong inputs. They have made a mountain out of a molehill … God knows who all may be involved, nor do I want to waste time thinking about it", he said.

Updated Date: Apr 07, 2012 12:54 PM