Put them in PDF form for ease of access please: Twitterati reacts to #RemoveMughalsFromBooks

In the Wild West of social media that is Twitter, hashtags run amok in the landscape dominated be 'gangs' fighting for domination day in and day out. The most rigorous and outspoken often end up controlling the 'trends' as rationality and mild mannerism take a back seat.

Taj Mahal. AFP

Taj Mahal. AFP

In the latest attempt, top territory of the 'trends' was captured under the banner #RemoveMughalsFromBooks. The origins of this high-stakes seizure remains unclear but many pointed fingers towards a certain direction.

Territories slipping under similar tags have become a recurring phenomenon and experts have been trying to decode the inception of such attempt, but without any major breakthrough. However, many have come to deduce over time that such happenings on a space that is shared freely by individuals of the land are in fact a reflection of the socio-political trends of the community itself. But here, it should also be added that the platform is not entirely a reflection of real life.

As the hashtag gained momentum on Wednesday morning, many of the most outspoken — as well as the everyman — of the land raised their voices with the most popular weapon of choice, wit.

Here are some of them:

Updated Date: Mar 02, 2016 12:27 PM

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