Please do not target the armed forces for your petty politics, Kanhaiya Kumar, there is a stiff price to pay

A lot of Kanhaiya Kumar fans have criticised those who raised the issue of the sacrifices done by our armed forces in defending the nation while buttressing their criticism of the PhD student and incidents at JNU post 9 February.

The young man is on thin ice and one gets the feeling he is baiting the men in uniform, sort of seeking sanctuary and safety in indicting them publicly… like see, I tell the truth, I even attack the army, you cannot touch me and if you, me and my cronies will yell foul.

A couple of days ago he scoffed at the army as not being the only martyrs but equating them with the Naxalites. What was skated over was the basic fact that the army goes to battle on orders and risks its life not because there is no movie this afternoon but because they are told to. It was a smarmy bit of dialogue between him and an anchor of a TV channel and it stank of prejudice. I thought this could be morphed, the camera is a liar, let’s wait.

Today we are told that Kanhaiya has tweeted that army men in Kashmir have raped women. Unless you are prepared to give time and place and back it with statistics you cannot make a sweeping statement and indict every soldier and officer. Why are you so against the forces?

 Please do not target the armed forces for your petty politics, Kanhaiya Kumar, there is a stiff price to pay

Kanhaiya Kumar. PTI

And with the pattern forming it has to be asked if the morale of our men and women fighting at the border can be held at ransom by this youngster on a rampage. If he has facts report them and if no action is taken, take your case to the public but if you start using social platforms to throw mud at the uniform then be careful, you are coming very close to the brink.

This has to stop.

The media has a role and that includes a sense of responsibility. What greater pleasure for a nation's enemy than to leach onto a student body that is finding virtue in hitting its own forces and if that is not anti-national, what is? Someone please tell me, I am all ears.

Kanhaiya may end up losing 90% of his support base if he continues attacking the armed forces and mocking their service to the country. Four wars, sunshine and you sit there downplaying the deaths of several thousand soldiers. Which Indian can even begin to seek a positive in this nonsense? The media that built him can stand aside... He will destroy himself.

How dare you insult the heroes in the armed forces, you silly child? And how dare we stupid people venerate your idiocy! Stop this runaway train.

This has to stop. All TV channels, websites, including ours, and the newspapers let us stop exalting a person who is now so drunk on his own liquid self-image he has lost all sight of reality. These are not cruel truths. These are deliberate provocations because he knows the more outrageous he is the more he is protected by his cabal.

Either that or this is exactly who he is…a college nobody shouting for better food in the mess. He hasn’t even any clue of the rubbish he is spouting. Enough verbal orgasms and all those who feel they need to insult the uniform or the common sense of the people raise your hands and let the huge, sweeping majority of us identify you.

Let us see you come out and insult the navy, army and air force. Man up for the consequences. That he would shove his foot into his mouth was a given. That he would do it so soon only indicates how shallow he is, his supporters are and how they should now wake up and realise they are not backing a thoroughbred but a carthorse.

There is a sliver of relief in this latest salvo against the forces. It is like phew, thank goodness it is over!

Awesome, isn’t it how human beings, like water, find their own levels. From here on it is only downhill. Every word he utters after this sizzling faux pas will be a further fall on the ladder he was thrust up on. You take on the army and you fool around with its history and its traditions even those armchair leftists sipping their malice on the rocks will be hard-placed to get behind him.

It is here that the Indian people and the Indian government have to join and stop the poison. I agree with the Anupam Kher's sentiments in his speech in Kolkata when he said, enough is enough. As I agree with people who are writing in today after Kanhaiya took on the forces to ask much the same question. Isn’t this past the time where we ended this ugly charade and get on with it?

At the same time it has to be asked what the hell is going on in JNU and who is administering  this fifth column and what are they learning. Who is teaching them and what is the curriculum and who are they accountable to for their subsidies.

We want to know everything about an institution that plots against its forces.  And the media has to wake up and be accountable.

The army today, tomorrow who knows.

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Updated Date: Mar 10, 2016 08:02:37 IST