Only in India: Himachal government posts ad inviting tenders to buy cloth for turbans

If you have been tired of watching faux pas after faux pas of recent political appointees in the media, here is a worthy submission by the much frowned upon Indian bureaucracy. How could they be left behind?

In a comical, almost surreal chain of events, the General Administration Department (GAD) of the Himachal Pradesh government posted an ad inviting tenders for the procurement of two turbans, each 3.5 metres in length.

Representational image. AFP.

Representational image. AFP.

Apparently, the costly acquisitions — Rs 350 a piece — were also allotted a deadline, surpassing which, any ‘samples’ sent to the office would be rejected.

Might we consider the expertise required to approve or reject a fabric — the tender for which has not been published, at least not until now? The undersigned, Additional Secretary of GAD, Dr Ashwani Kumar Sharma, explained to the Hindustan Times that the ad was a mistake.

In Himachal, similar to Punjab, where there is a culture of wearing turbans at weddings, one can only imagine the difficulty in procuring a couple. And if it is only the highest quality that the office seeks, which the department can be lauded for, for being considerate, some amount of that money could be saved from initiatives such as these.

The ad, however, does read like a brilliant bargain as you stand to make a 300-400 percent profit. The deadline is of 13 June, which gives ample time to cash in on the opportunity still.

Updated Date: Jun 09, 2016 16:23 PM

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