Nithyananda says he is beyond gender, incapable of alleged sexual acts

The controversial southern godman Swamy Nithyananda, who was recently at the centre of an alleged sex scandal and a mysterious disappearance followed by a police arrest, has made a startling revelation that he is neither male or female, nor is he gay. His “system” has undergone a “mutation” and he is willing to undertake tests to prove his point if the right agency asks him.

In an interview published by Outlook magazine, Bangalore-based Nithyananda, who was also recently named the head of an asset-rich Shaivite mutt Madurai Adheenam, has said that his body is not capable of arousal, erection and ejaculation. He said although he has a male body, at the age of 22, some spiritual experiences had led to a mutation.


To a question, he also said that he had no libido, thanks to the spiritual experience. He never had libido and if he had, he could have been married.

To another question if he ever felt some kind of sexual inadequacy, he said: “I have been trained by my guru through some special yogas and lifestyle and this is the way my body has flowered. I am happy about it.”

Read the free-wheeling interview, along with a short video, here, where he talks about sex scandals, his spiritual orientation and the recent scandal in which he was allegedly to have abused an NRI woman:

Updated Date: Jun 24, 2012 13:51 PM

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