'Neither anger nor peace': After Angry Hanuman, Mangaluru vector artist Karan Acharya creates stoic Rama

After his 'Angry Hanuman' poster went viral, artist Karan Acharya has come up with another piece of vector art: Of Lord Rama.

 Neither anger nor peace: After Angry Hanuman, Mangaluru vector artist Karan Acharya creates stoic Rama

Vector art of Lord Rama. Image credit: Karan Acharya's blog

The artist, who runs a company with his wife Pooja, brother-in-law Gurudeep and friend Havish, told The Times of India, "We launched the t-shirts with vector art on Sri Rama online in Bengaluru. I had uploaded the image only to wish people who observe 'Ramayana masa'." He added that he never expected such a huge response.

One of Acharya's creations presents Lord Rama with a beard and he explained that after spending years in forest, it is quite natural for Rama to have a beard. He told India Today that since people preferred to see Lord Rama without a beard, he created another set of portraits for them.

"When you see Lord Rama's face, your mind is filled with peace. My creation neither reflects anger nor peace, but something in between," Acharya was quoted as saying in the India Today report.

His 'Angry Hanuman' artwork was even praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a rally in Mangaluru in May. "This is a laudable achievement and is the power of his achievement, talent and imagination. This is the pride of Mangaluru. All TV channels are queued up for his interview", Modi said.

According to a report in The News Minute, Acharya created the vector image of Hanuman in 2015 after requests from a youth club in his village to put something on the flags for Ganesh Chathurti. The vector is now seen on everything from t-shirts to windshields.

Updated Date: Jul 30, 2018 16:56:18 IST