Mother throws newborn from 3rd floor, says she was confused

In a bizarre murder case in Surat, a one-day old baby died on Friday after being thrown from the third floor of a residential building. The mother of the baby was found in an unconscious state and was hospitalised.

Though the baby survived the impact of the fall with various internal injuries and brain hemorrhage, it succumbed to its injuries a few hours ago.

The mother said that she was unaware that she was pregnant. ibnlive

The mother after regaining consciousness told the police that she was unaware that she was pregnant and reportedly threw the baby out after giving birth in the washroom because she was confused.

However, questions are being raised about the role of the father in this murder. The police say that they had taken the father to the police station, but let him go after the mother claimed that she committed the crime.

A CNN-IBN report says that the couple have been married for about six months, but the baby was born after a full term pregnancy. There may have been an argument between the couple because of this, following which the baby was thrown out of the building.

Though the mother has made a confession, several loopholes remain. Further investigations are on and the police are still to question other family members.

Updated Date: Oct 26, 2012 13:03 PM