Manish Sisodia says Narendra Modi is trying to 'destroy' children's future by sacking Atishi Marlena

New Delhi: Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that sacking of Atishi Marlena as his adviser was an attempt at destroying the future of the children of Delhi.

 Manish Sisodia says Narendra Modi is trying to destroy childrens future by sacking Atishi Marlena

File image of Delhi education minister Manish Sisodia. PTI

Marlena was among nine advisers and consultants to Delhi ministers who were removed after a Home Ministry order on Tuesday.

In his letter to Modi, Sisodia said: "Due to political enmity, removing people working for the betterment of children's education — what kind of patriotism is this?"

"What is the message you (Modi) want to send out by dismissing such a patriotic, educated, and talented woman who was working for the education of the children of Delhi?"

Sisodia said that Marlena was drawing a salary of only Re 1.

"In our country, the education minister or education secretary or education director doesn't have to be education experts. My opinion is that this is the major reason for the bad state of education in our country," the minister, a senior Aam Aadmi Party leader, said.

Sisodia said that it was the reason why the Delhi government made Marlena, who was well-educated and experienced, as an adviser, adding that the move produced results. "Even our opponents agree that there has been good work in Delhi government schools," he said.

"I was surprised by the swift way in which you removed Atishi Marlena as the education minister's adviser. What do you want to achieve by this?," he asked.

"You may have political enmity with us, but not with the children of Delhi. I know that you will not leave any tactics to defeat your enemy," the Minister added.

"By destroying an opponent by unfair means, you don't become big. If you can't give us anything, don't stop what is happening," Sisodia said.

Sisodia invited Modi to visit Delhi schools. "Come with an open mind and then make schools like these all over the country," the minister said.

Updated Date: Apr 21, 2018 18:15:06 IST