Live: Massive security deployed in Mumbai as Yakub Memon's body arrives

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Live: Massive security deployed in Mumbai as Yakub Memon's body arrives
  • 18:11 (IST)

    Yakub Memon buried with Islamic rites

    According to The Times of India, Yakub Memon was buried with Islamic rites at around 5.15 pm.

  • 15:07 (IST)

    J&K Independent MLA detained after rally against Yakub hanging 

    Police detained Independent MLA from north Kashmir's Langate constituency, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, after he took out a rally here to protest the hanging of 1993 Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon and against the prevalence of capital punishment. 

    Rashid, along with his associates, were taken into preventive custody after they took out the protest march near the Clock Tower at the commercial hub of Lal Chowk here, officials told PTI.

  • 14:10 (IST)

    RAF deployed to beef up security in Mahim

    The Maharashtra government has deployed two platoons of Rapid Action Force in the vicinity of Yakub Memon's residence at Mahim in Mumbai. There are strict prohibitory orders on photographing and videographing the funeral procession as well. The Memon family was also asked to keep the funeral as a low-key affair.

  • 13:39 (IST)

    Death penalty should be abolished: Shashi Tharoor

    In a series of tweets after Yakub Memon's execution, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor vociferously opposed to death penalties. Reacting to the hanging of 1993 Mumbai blasts convict, Tharoor on Thursday said that "cold-blooded execution has never prevented a terror attack anywhere."

    Tharoor also said that "there is no no evidence that death penalty would serve as a deterrent. On the contrary, all it does is exact retribution."

  • 13:31 (IST)

    Yakub's body arrives at Mahim

    Yakub Memon, who was hanged today early morning at 6.43 am, was flown in from Nagpur to Mumbai. NDTV reports that his body has reached Mahim amid heavy police security. 

    Police chief was in Mahim to oversee situation.

  • 12:33 (IST)

    Yakub Memon's body arrives in Mumbai

    Amid tight security deployed in Mumbai, the body of 1993 Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon has landed in Mumbai. His family took an Indigo flight from Nagpur. They are likely to head straight for the Bara Kabristan in Marine Lines. 

  • 11:31 (IST)

    Saddened by hanging, tweets Shashi Tharoor on Yakub Memon

    Political reactions started pouring in after Yakub Memon's execution. Shashi Tharoor said he was saddened by the hanging

  • 11:28 (IST)

    The judicial system was followed, Mayawati on Yakub Memon

  • 10:56 (IST)

    405 detained under preventive provisions, security beefed up

    The Maharashtra government is pulling all stops to ensure nothing untoward happens in the aftermath of Yakub Memon's execution. The Hindu reports that quick response teams have been put at the Shiv Sena Bhavan in Mumbai and 405 people have been detained by the Mumbai police under various preventive provisions. 

  • 10:28 (IST)

    Yakub Memon's family in Nagpur airport, to fly to Mumbai soon

    The family of Yakub Memon has reached the Nagpur Airport. CNN-IBN reports that the family is likely to take a Indigo flight to Mumbai. 

    Security has been beefed up in Mumbai airport and near Memon's house to ensure no untoward incident occurs. 

  • 10:12 (IST)

    Yakub Memon's body handed over to family

    The body of 1993 blasts convict Yakub Memon has been handed over to his family reports CNN-IBN. The body will be flown down to Mumbai at 10.45 am where he will be burried at the Bara Kabristan in Marine Lines. 

    However, a funeral procession won't be allowed to prevent any law and order situations. 

  • 09:38 (IST)

    Security stepped up in Nagpur airport

  • 09:24 (IST)

    Yakub Memon's post mortem over in Nagpur Jail

    A high alert was sounded in Bengaluru even as doctors finished the post mortem of Yakub Memon. To ensure there is no law and order situation, the police have stepped up security at airports, RSS headquarters. 

    The police is also monitoring social media to ensure there are no inflammatory messages, reports CNN-IBN

  • 09:00 (IST)

    Heavy security outside Mumbai's Bara Kabristan

  • 08:58 (IST)

    Yakub Memon's body will be handed over to family, says Maha Home Secy

    Maharashtra Home Secretary KP Bakshi says that the body will be handed over to Yakub Memon's family. 

    Speaking of security arrangements Bakshi told CNN-IBN, "We are in touch with Home Ministry also. Additional forces have been deployed."

    However there are conditions that have been cited with regards to funeral. One of them is that there should be no funeral prcoession. 

    "No," was KP Bakshi's answer on if there was any intelligence input on impending trouble that may occur in Mumbai. 

    Speaking of what he would like to say to the people of Mumbai, Bakshi said, "The law of the land has prevail. The government sometimes has to uphold the law of the land."

  • 08:53 (IST)

    Yakub Memon was emotional when he met his family

    Yakub Memon who was hanged at 6.43 am on Thursday morning was reportedly emotional when he met his family members a day before his hanging. 

    NDTV reports, "On Wednesday, when his brother Suleiman came to meet him, Memon's eyes were moist with tears, officials said. He also reportedly said his farewells to fellow prisoners and jail officials and said: "Forgive me if I did anything wrong."

  • 08:43 (IST)

    No funeral procession Yakub Memon

    While Yakub Memon's body will be flow in from Nagpur at 10.45 am, there will be no funeral procession, reports CNN-IBN. 

    This was decided, keeping in mind security concerns. 

  • 08:29 (IST)

    Yakub Memon's body to be flown to Mumbai in air ambulance at 10.45 am

    Reports suggest that Yakub Memon's body will be flown to Mumbai at 10.45 am by his family, reports The Indian Express. 

    Meanwhile ABP news reports that his last rites will take place at the Marine Lines burial ground. 

  • 08:07 (IST)

    No family member present inside Nagpur jail

    The Hindu reports that no one from Yakub Memon's family was present at the Nagpur jail at the time of his hanging. However, "Suleiman Memon and Usman, who were camping in Nagpur, were at a local hospital. Authorities yet to decide whether to hand over the body to the family. Suleiman had made an application to jail authorities requesting that his remains be handed over to him."

  • 08:04 (IST)

    Yakub Memon turned 53 today, and his family had sent him a birthday cake

    Even as the news of Yakub Memon's hanging hit early morning headlines, NDTV reports that his family had sent him a birthday cake at midnight last night as the convict turned 53 today. 

  • 07:40 (IST)

    Yakub Memon's last rights likely at Mumbai's Bada Kabristan or Mahim

    Sources at the Maharashtra Home Department tells ANI that Yakub Memon's body will be handed over to his family. Meanwhile, CNN-IBN reports that last rights will take place either at the Bada Kabristan or at Mahim. 

  • 07:33 (IST)

    Section 144 has been imposed in Nagpur

    In the aftermath of Yakub Memon's hanging, Sec 144 has been imposed in Nagpur. CNN-IBN reports that around 8,000 police officers have been deployed across the city. Sources have also told the TV channel that Memon's body will be brought to Mumbai by noon today. 

    Meanwhile ANI reports suggest that Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis is likely to speak on the hanging at 11 am. 

  • 07:30 (IST)

    Yakub Memon's post mortem conducted in Nagpur jail, declared dead by doctor

    Now, jail sources have told CNN-IBN that Yakub Memon's post mortem was being conducted inside the Nagpur jail. The doctor present at the jail has confirmed that Memon is dead. 

    Memon was declared dead at 7.01 am. 

  • 07:10 (IST)

    1993 Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon hanged in Nagpur jail

    After an unprecedented Supreme Court order at 3 am on Thursday, the lone death row convict in the 1993 Mumbai blasts Yakub Memon was hanged in the Nagpur jail at 6.43 am. 

    It was not clear even two hours ago if his execution would take place because of a last minute plea by his lawyers to delay his hanging. But that was rejected by the Supreme Court. 

  • 07:05 (IST)

    Ample opportunity was given to him: SC rejects Yakub Memon's mercy plea in midnight hearing

    The apex court bench, while rejecting Memon's latest plea, observed that there was nothing new in the new petition as it was a repetition of the same argument that was advanced on Wednesday.

    "Same thing was there in yesterday's (Wednesday) petition. There is nothing new in the new petition," said Justice Misra in the course of the hearing.

    Justice Misra headed the three-judges bench of the Supreme Court which had on Wednesday rejected Memon's plea seeking stay of his execution and quashing of the death warrant.

    Saying that Memon was given "ample opportunity" to present his case before the apex court, the bench said that he was heard for 10 days in the course of the hearing of his review petition while law mandates per half an hour hearing.

    "Ample opportunity was given to him to present his case in the hearing of the review petition," the court said. 


  • 06:59 (IST)

    Security stepped up in Nagpur and Mumbai

    And as Yakub Memon is to be hanged in a matter of a few minutes, security has been stepped up in Nagpur, as well as in Mumbai. 

    CNN-IBN reports that there is security outside Yakub Memon's home and at the airport.

  • 06:51 (IST)

    In historic yearing in wee hours of Thursday, SC rejects Yakub Memon's plea

    In an unprecedented hearing, that is first of its kind in the history of Supreme Court that sat at 3 am on Thursday to hear Yakub Memon's plea, it said that "the petitioner did not raise any question when earlier, the mercy petition by his brother was rejected by the president in 2014".

    n a reiteration of its earlier order passed on Wednesday, the Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a last ditch attempt by 1993 Mumbai serial blasts convict Yakub Memon to stall his execution by 14 days.

    Memon had challenged the rejection of his mercy petition by the president.

    The apex court bench comprising Justice Dipak Misra, Justice Prafulla C. Pant and Justice Amitava Roy rejected Memon's plea seeking 14 days' time before the execution of his death sentence is carried out.

    His mercy petition was earlier rejected by the president on Wednesday, wherein, he raised fresh grounds for clemency -- commuting his death sentence to life imprisonment.

    The apex court bench, while rejecting Memon's latest plea, observed that there was nothing new in the new petition as it was a repetition of the same argument that was advanced on Wednesday.

  • 23:13 (IST)

    Pranab rejects Yakub Memon's mercy plea

    President Pranab Mukherjee, after much deliberation with Union Home Minister and his legal experts, has rejected Yakub Memon's mercy petition. The sole convict of the 1993 Mumbai blasts has exhausted his final legal recourse. 

    However, Memon's lawyer has moved the Supreme Court against the rejection of the mercy plea by the Maharashtra Governor. If accepted, judge will hear Yakub's petition at his residence, NDTV reported.

  • 22:51 (IST)

    Rajnath meet with Pranab ends

    Home Ministry's convoy leaves Rashtrapati Bhavan. The government has been carefully tight-lipped about the whole issue since Supreme Court rejected Memon's curative plea. 

  • 22:51 (IST)

    President need time to study Yakub's issue: Sources tell NDTV

    Sources have told NDTV that President want time to study the matter properly and come to a sound decision.

    However, the Nagpur prison authorities have all preparations in place for tomorrow's scheduled hanging of the sole convict in 1993 Mumbai blasts. 

    The execution orders will be on hold till President makes up his mind about the mercy plea.

  • 22:44 (IST)

    President Pranab should not decide on the plea overnight: Yakub's petition

    Yakub Memon's fresh mercy petition to President Pranab Mukherjee says that the President should take time to decide on the plea and not make a decision overnight. 

    Yakub Memon's lawyer moved the Supreme Court against the rejection of the mercy plea by the Maharashtra Governor. If accepted, judge will hear Yakub's petition at his residence, NDTV reported.

    NDTV reported that the decision might take a long time. NDTV said that the President is consulting with his legal experts and is studying the matter and needs more time to get to a decision. 

  • 22:26 (IST)

    Reconsider Yakub Memon's plea: Gopalkrishna Gandhi to Pranab

    Former West Bengal governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi on Wednesday urged President Pranab Mukherjee to "reconsider" the rejection of 1993 Mumbai serial blast convict Yakub Memon's mercy plea. 

    "When the nation is paying solemn tribute to former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, whose conscientious opposition to the death penalty is widely known, I urge you to reconsider the rejection of Yakub Memon's mercy plea," Gandhi said in a letter to the president. 

    "President Kalam had, as recently as earlier this month, expressed his opposition to the concept of capital punishment. He expressed this opinion to the Law Commission, which has been holding deliberations regarding the desirability and efficacy of the death penalty," Gandhi, the secretary to former president K.R. Narayanan. 

    "It would, I suggest, be a fitting tribute to the humane legacy of President Kalam to grant Yakub Memon his life, for which course there are also other compelling reasons." 

    "Memon submitted to the Indian jurisdiction, when he may quite easily have evaded justice. A respected officer of Indian intelligence has spoken of his cooperation with the law, thus rendering the death penalty is completely inappropriate in his case," said Gandhi. -- IANS

  • 22:25 (IST)

    Pranab Mukherjee meets Solicitor General

    President Pranab Mukherjee meets Solicitor General of India to consult on Yakub Memon's mercy petition. Earlier, Rajnath Singh left for Rashtrapati Bhawan and discussed the issue with the President in an hour-long meeting. 

  • 21:16 (IST)

    Activists opposing Memon's hanging seek meet with President

    A group of activists came out in support of Yakub Memon's fresh mercy petition filed as a last-ditch attempt to escape the gallows and sought a meeting with President Pranab Mukherjee over the issue.

    Several senior lawyers, academicians, social activists and students gathered at Jantar Mantar and decided to hold a night-long vigil as part of their protests against the impending hanging of Memon.

    "We are trying to get an opportunity to meet the President over the fresh petition filed by Memon," senior Supreme Court lawyer Vrinda Grover said. - PTI

  • 21:15 (IST)

    Yakub has not made his will: Lawyer

    Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon, whose last-ditch effort to escape the noose at the Central Prison here on his 53rd birthday tomorrow was rejected by the Supreme Court, has not prepared any will so far, the convict's lawyer Anil Gedam said here on Wednesday.

    "Yakub was hopeful of some kind of relief from the Supreme Court and also from his mercy petition with the President. He probably thought he would survive and will not be hanged which is why he did not prepare any will," Gedam told PTI

    After his execution as per the TADA court verdict, Yakub's mortal remains are most likely to be claimed by his family on Thursday, Gedam said. 

    In case the family wants to take possession of the body, they should give an undertaking to the authorities that they will not make an issue and will not hold any demonstration with the body and that there will be a quiet burial. But the Maharashtra government has to take a final call and can decide the place for his last rites, Gedam said. 

    Also, this purely depends on the law and order situation in the city and elsewhere in Maharashtra, the lawyer added. -- PTI

  • 21:10 (IST)

    Alert sounded in Uttar Pradesh ahead of Yakub Memon's hanging

    A high alert has been sounded across Uttar Pradesh in the wake of the apex court's decision to execute 1993 Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon tomorrow.

    "All divisional commissioners, district magistrates and police chiefs have been directed to ensure patrolling in sensitive places. Local intelligence units have been asked to remain alert as anti-social elements might create a communal flare-up in the state," Director General of Police, Jagmohan Yadav said.

  • 20:33 (IST)

    Rajnath meets President Pranab Mukjerjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan over Yakub Memon's mercy plea

    Home Minister is set to advice the President to reject Yakub Memon's mercy plea. Earlier, MHA sources had told the media that they want Yakub to be hanged at the earliest for security reasons. 

  • 20:27 (IST)

    Nagpur jail preps to hang Yakub Memon

    With the Supreme Court rejecting relief to Yakub Memon, the countdown for the hanging of the only death-row convict of 1993 Mumbai blasts case tomorrow has started at the Nagpur Central Prison here. Memon is all set to be hanged to death as per the TADA court's order tomorrow on his 53rd birthday. All the preparations were complete, prison sources said. Top police officials today visited the prison to supervise the security.

    Additional Director General of Police (prisons) Meera Borwankar arrived from Pune to oversee the preparations. She is being assisted by deputy inspector general of prisons Rajendra Dhamne and jail superintendent Yogesh Desai.

    Desai had overseen the hanging of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab at Yerwada jail in Pune during his stint there. Commissioner of Police S P Yadav, Joint Commissioner of Police Rajwardhan and zonal deputy commissioner Ishu Sindhu visited the jail in the evening. A Quick Response Team (QRT) of police has already been deployed near the premises. 

    Though no intelligence inputs have been received about any possible incident, police are not taking any chances, sources said. Section 144 of CrPC prohibiting assembly of five or more people has been imposed in the area around the prison. Memon's brother Suleman and cousin Usman arrived here today. "We have faith in Allah," was all they said when accosted by reporters outside the hotel.

    According to the jail manual, Memon will be woken up early in the morning, allowed to take a bath and offered some light refreshment. He would be given religious books to read or recite prayers. -- PTI

  • 19:44 (IST)

    Section 144 imposed within the radius of 500 metres of Nagpur Jail: ANI

  • 19:32 (IST)

    Rajnath to meet President Pranab Mukherjee

    MHA sources have told CNN IBN that Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh will shortly meet President Pranab Mukherjee. President waiting for copy of Supreme Court order and legal advice.

  • 19:21 (IST)

    Have not sent mercy plea to President yet: Rajnath Singh

  • 18:59 (IST)

    Yakub's brothers reach Nagpur jail

  • 18:55 (IST)

    President to go with MHA advice: Sources

    Sources have told the CNN-IBN that President Pranab Mukherjee will go with the MHA advice on Yakub Memon's death sentence, which means that the sole convict in 1993 Mumbai blast case will be hanged tomorrow morning at 7 in Nagpur. 

  • 18:32 (IST)

    MHA sends file on Yakub Memon's petition back to President

    The Home Ministry has said that Yakub Memon should be hanged at the earliest. It has sent the file on Memon's petition back to the President, according to CNN-IBN.

  • 18:18 (IST)

    No new ground for the second mercy plea to stand: MHA sources

    MHA sources told media that the home ministry stand on Yakub's mercy plea will be sent to the President in an hour.

  • 18:15 (IST)

    Law will take its own course: Fadnavis on Yakub Memon's execution

  • 18:08 (IST)

    Yakub doesn't deserve death: Asaduddin Owaisi, chief of AIMIM 

    "The fact is Yakub Memon had cooperated and surrendered. He was not arrested. Yakub had given damning evidence against Tiger Memon and ISI and now he is being sent to the gallows," Owaisi told the media after SC order on stay on Yakub's execution.

  • 17:50 (IST)

    Yakub turns 54 tomorrow

    NDTV reported that the Maharashtra government is prepping the final plans for his execution.

    The Mumbai police is making careful arrangements for security.

  • 17:42 (IST)

    Law will take its own course: Chacko

  • 17:41 (IST)

    Full justice would be done the day BJP govt is able to bring back Tiger Memon from Pakistan: Congress

    Brinda Karat, CPM member, told reporters that death sentences are immoral.  

A three-judge newly constituted bench of the Supreme Court, who were to take a decision on 1993 Mumbai blast convict Yakub Abdul Razak Memon's curative petition, have dismissed the plea, reports on Wednesday said.

Earlier in the day, the bench was hearing afresh the plea of Memon after two judges gave a split order. Senior advocate Raju Ramachndran, appearing for Memon, initiated arguments by referring to the separate, divergent orders passed by Justice A R Dave and Justice Kurian Joseph on Tuesday and said that the procedures established by the law have not been followed while deciding the curative petition of the convict.

Image courtesy: IBNLive

Image courtesy: IBNLive

Ramachandran said, "The judges, who were part of judicial process earlier, must be party to curative petition. It cannot be decided by judges who are strangers to the matters."

He further said that besides the three senior most judges, the curative petition should have been circulated to the judges, if available, who had decided the criminal appeal and the review petition.

Senior advocates T R Andhyarujina and Anand Grover both supported the contention of Ramachandran and said that this death warrant is illegal and can not be executed tomorrow.

Attorney general Mukul Rohatgi, who is presently continuing his argument, said that the court should not forget the fact that it was the first terror attack at the heart of the country that had led to the death of 257 persons and several hundred injured.

Rohatgi on Tuesday had told the two judge bench that all judicial remedies available to Memon got exhausted with the dismissal of the curative petition on 21 July.

A three-judge bench headed by CJI had on 21 July rejected Memon's plea, contending that the grounds raised by him for relief did not fall within principles laid down by the apex court in 2002 in deciding curative petitions.

Memon, in his plea, had claimed he was suffering from schizophrenia since 1996 and has remained behind bars for nearly 20 years, much more than a person serving life term has to spend in jail.

He had sought commutation of death penalty, contending that a convict cannot be awarded life term and the death sentence for the same offence.

The apex court had on June 2, 2014 stayed the execution of Memon and referred his plea to a Constitution Bench as to whether review petitions in death penalty cases be heard in an open court or in chambers.

The apex court had on 9 April this year dismissed Memon's petition seeking review of his death sentence which was upheld on 21 March, 2013.
Memon's review petition was heard by a three-judge bench in an open court in pursuance of the Constitution Bench verdict that the practice of deciding review pleas in chambers be done away with, in cases where death penalty has been awarded.

12 coordinated blasts had rocked Bombay, as the city was then known, on 12 March, 1993, leaving 257 dead and over 700 injured.

With PTI inputs

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