Kerala HC judge says Brahmins should deliberate if reservation should be caste and community based

Judge of High Court of Kerala Justice V Chitambaresh said that it was time for the Brahmin community to deliberate whether the reservation should be on the basis of community or caste alone while speaking at the Tamil Brahmins Global Meet organised by the Kerala Brahmana Sabha in Kochi on Friday.

Justice Chitambaresh started his address by explaining the qualities and virtues of a 'Brahmin'. Who is a Brahmin? “A Brahmin is twice-born; because of his previous birth, he has certain distinct characteristics: Clean habits, lofty thinking, sterling character, mostly vegetarian, lover of Carnatic music...All good qualities rolled into one is a Brahmin,” he remarked.

However, before calling for the community to discuss the quota system, he stated that — being a constitutional position holder — he wasn't suggesting or imposing any opinion. “I am not expressing my opinion at all. But I am only kindling your interest or reminding you that there is a platform for you to agitate or voice your concerns about economic reservation alone and not caste or communal reservation,” he said at the inaugural address at the meet. He said it is high time that the community got united and put forward its reservation demands to the government as currently there is only a provision for 10 percent reservation on the basis of economic status for the general category people.

 Kerala HC judge says Brahmins should deliberate if reservation should be caste and community based

File image of Justice V Chitambaresh. Image courtesy

It is the responsibility of the Brahmin society to remind governments about the rights of members of the community and initiatives like the Tamil Brahmins’ Global Meet will help the community raise its voice and rights, he said. He also emphasised on the need for the Brahmin society to not let anyone 'sideline members of the community' and hoped that the global meet will help unite members across the globe and exchange ideas between them, The New Indian Express reported.

“The community should unite to ensure the implementation of such welfare schemes (reservation for economically backward persons), which will also benefit people in the Brahmin community," he remarked adding that caste-based reservation denies opportunities to financially backward people in the Brahmin community. The senior lawyer also urged Brahmins to "play orchestra and not continue to play solo" referring to the need for the community to unite for this cause.

Further calling for the protection of 'agraharams' in Kerala, Justice Chitambaresh said: “There are innumerable 'agraharams' in Kerala. These 'agraharams' should be protected. 'Agraharams' are part of the rich heritage of the Brahmin society. So we should not allow any flats to be developed in those areas.” He also said that 'ved-pathshalas' should be preserved and the 'rich cultural heritage' of the country should be protected.

Updated Date: Jul 23, 2019 14:52:26 IST