Kanhaiya Kumar must be falling over with laughter after the political boost we've given him

The one thing about this JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar that is disturbing is that he is being made famous for all the wrong reasons and could now be well on the path to becoming a politician. Today it is slogans, tomorrow the seat of power. It is a small step for Indian-kind. For all we know he is falling over with laughter at the massive boost we have given him in his political ambitions.

A whole nation is mesmerised and polarized and stupefied at the huge embarrassment that our country suffers globally. Well, not a whole nation, but at least the majority still have their sanity about them and are not pouncing about in pseudo-intellectual excitement.

Separatists are now supporting him and all the weevils in the woodwork are crawling out and we are still quarreling among ourselves about the merits and demerits of the slogans raised and the anointing of Afzal Guru as a martyr on the third anniversary of his hanging.

Kanhaiya Kumar must be falling over with laughter after the political boost weve given him

Kanhaiya Kumar. Image courtesy: IBNLive

I am not the most adept motorist on the information highway, but it staggers me that there is nothing solid I could find about this guy on the Internet. Not his age, not his capabilities as a student, what exams has he passed or failed, not any information on who is he and what are his bona fides, besides being a PhD student and a long time communist ? Is he a green 19-year old or a grizzled 28-year old using the loopholes in the system to make campus politics his life’s mission?

We have this genteel image of a scholar being fed into our minds by certain quarters. Those that feel ‘sedition’ is too strong a word to use for the shenanigans which took place on 9 February are bending backwards to push that vanilla image of innocent and misguided collegians engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and free thought. Are these sweet little kids wearing frilly frockies seeking to quench their thirst at the fount of wisdom?


I might just buy that argument if I had clarity on this fellow and his cohorts. If you are a professional rabble rouser, and you are in your late twenties, and you are agitating on campus because this sort of ugly politicking is now a full time job, then the dynamics change dramatically. I would then use the law in full measure to indict you if there was evidence of wrongdoing under such law. Because now you are not a scholar, sir, you are a threat to my sanctity and the sanctity of my country.

You are not a child, you are an adult.

If there is evidence that you were complicit in breaking the law, you face the music, old son. Why should you be released under pressure?

Your aim is to whip up mischief and insult the nation to fuel your ego and bask in the publicity. That you get the bonus of a huge swathe of supporters must be intellectually orgasmic for you.

What mitigating circumstance exists in saluting a terrorist and an anti-Indian on the anniversary of his death?

Is this really freedom of expression?

So, let’s have someone find out who you are and what citadel of great thought you reside in. What exactly have you achieved in your life that you go on the rampage in ours?

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Updated Date: Feb 17, 2016 13:29:14 IST

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