#JNURow: Let's blame Mummy and Daddy for aiding their anti-national offspring

It boggles the mind to see these young boys and girls creating absurd chaos. And even if we put them in that fiendish category of being idealistic students, where are Mummy and Daddy when their children are badmouthing the country?

After all, these youngsters do nothing for the commonwealth. They are takers not givers. None of them are soldiers, sailors, airmen, firemen, tinkers, tailors, businessmen or anything at all.

And Mom and Pop are responsible for them as a result. Consequently, where are they in this scenario? It is well beyond the time that they sat their wards down and said, "Okay, your mother and father are Indians, this is our country and you stop this crap right now or we are pulling the rug from under your feet, and cancelling your fees. So there!"

#JNURow: Lets blame Mummy and Daddy for aiding their anti-national offspring

Protests at JNU. Reuters

Let’s put all this rubbish into perspective. Even when the Arab winter of discontent thawed into the Arab Spring, the students never badmouthed their nation. Not Tunisia, not Egypt, not Syria, not Iraq. In fact, their rage was funnelled into what they thought was the patriotic way to save the nation.

No country has ever had its student power become anti-national. Anti-government? Go for it!

But to shout slogans against the motherland is a new angle and one that makes me want to vomit.

In Tunisia, Egypt etc, they were anti-establishment, not anti-their country — they were ready to die for it.

These spoilt kids want to dismember the country and their parents are doing nothing to stop them.

So, in my book, the parents are equally guilty.

However hard the biscuit it, this Narendra Modi government has to bite on it and let the crumbs fall where they may. Let them know here and now that we may or may not vote for the BJP tomorrow, but you indict anyone who speaks or acts against out country and you do not forgive.

If the parents do not respond, they are guilty by association and if they cannot control their children from behaving in the worst possible manner, then they must pay the price of their indolence and cowardice.

Your children, Sir and Madam, are attacking the fabric of their country. And you cannot hide under your bed and pretend it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with you. It's time you stood up and said, "Enough, come home to dinner and stop this embarrassment."

If the young people we are watching on TV are your children, what on earth are you doing about it? This is not teenage rebellion, this is sedition and do not think  for one moment that free speech, democratic ideals or human rights have any role in such stances.

These young people are anti-Indian... uh-oh, I already said that. Let me add my rider: So are their parents. You are their earning power and as your dependents, you are accountable for them.

Left to me, I would gladly throw out all these ringleaders from college, call in their parents and charge them for aiding and abetting the hostiles.

Why should 1.2 billion Indians allow a bunch of idiots to dare do something that no nation has done before.

Go read your history, not one incident of people attacking their mother country.

Shame on mummy and daddy.

If that was my kid, I’d haul him home and redden his derriere.

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Updated Date: Feb 17, 2016 07:50:59 IST

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