Indore: CCTV catches man punching, kicking woman at gym for resisting molestation

As if the recent incidents of molestation at a Delhi five-star hotel, stalking of a journalist in Mumbai and the Chandigarh stalking case weren't enough, another shocking case of violence against women has surfaced from Indore.

ANI reports that at a gym in Indore, a man punched and kicked a woman after she complained about his behaviour during a workout.

In the video from Thursday, the woman can be seen speaking behind the man in a sleeveless shirt, following which he looks enraged and punches her. She is seen holding her face and slumping on some gym equipment when the man goes on to kick her on her left knee as well. Other gym members finally intervene and restrain the man before further damage can be done. Here is the CCTV footage of the shocking assault:

ANI added that a case of assault and molestation has been registered against the culprit. Deputy Superintendent of Police Shashikant Kankane said that the police are further investigating the matter.

According to India Today, the accused, Puneet Malviya, is a resident of Mandsaur district. The report quoting the gym trainer Ranit Sonane said that the accused escaped following the incident. The police are in look out of the accused.

Updated Date: Aug 20, 2017 09:08 AM