Indian woman tortured to death in Saudi by employer, Telengana police request details

Horror stories about Indian workers who go abroad and get tortured to death are back to haunt us again. This time it's the story of a 25-year-old Hyderabadi woman who was working as a maid in Saudi Arabia.

Image courtesy News18

Image courtesy News18

According to News18, the woman, Asima Khatoon, was detained there illegally after her visa expired. It also added that her family claimed that she had complained about her harassment — Asima was kept in a room, denied food and assaulted. The woman had requested them, over the phone, to arrange for her return.

The News18 report also detailed the Telangana Police's request to Saudi authorities seeking details of her death. According to a police official, the woman worked in Saudi Arabia for four months, and developed some health-related problems. The official was quoted as saying that the authorities have written to the Saudi Consulate on behalf of the state government.

As per a report in The Indian Express, Asima, who went to Riyadh, in December 2015, to work as a 'house maid', was allegedly tortured to death, and later succumbed to her injuries at King Saud Hospital. The family learnt of her death through a phone call from an unknown person, it added.

The Telengana government said that it wrote to the Centre asking for help to free Asima, according to NDTV. It added that she had journeyed to Riyadh after being promised a job at a hospital by agents who supply cheap labour from India to the Middle East.

Ministry of External Affairs was quoted as saying by ANI that Indian embassy in Riyadh has sent one official to King Saud Chest disease hospital, where the woman was admitted.

Updated Date: May 09, 2016 21:06 PM

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