Here's an important question for the govt: Is it equipped to handle zombie apocalypse?

Have you wondered what you will do when you see a zombie walking towards you or what if an alien ship lands in New Delhi?

On a serious note: What if a The Walking Dead-like situation becomes a reality?

Well, Ajay Kumar from Maharashtra, who is "concerned about the readiness of our government in the event of an invasion by aliens, zombies, and extra-dimensional beings," has filed an RTI request asking the Ministry of Home Affairs whether our government is equipped to fight off the invasion.

Interesting, isn't it? More interesting are his questions:

1) What plans are in place for protecting the public?

2) What are our chances against them?

3) What means does the government have at its disposal to defeat them?

Here comes the best one:

4) Can we do it without Will Smith?


Well, we don't know about that but take a look at the RTI request he filed.

Image tweeted by Abhimanyu Ghoshal (@aghoshal)

Image tweeted by Abhimanyu Ghoshal (@aghoshal)

Wonder what RTI staffers would have to say on this.

Although the questions seem trivial but do think about it, Ajay Kumar is not the first one to ask this question. The debate of whether there are any extra-extraterrestrial beings has been going on for quite some time. Various movies and TV shows have been dedicated to this topic.

Umm.. zombie apocalypse, however, looks a bit far-fetched unless there is a 21st-century Frankenstein somewhere who fails with his experiment of reviving a dead man for real.

But, there have been several conspiracy theories spun around UFO sightings on the Earth.

There are websites which claim that UFOs, aliens landing on Earth for real. According to this Alien-UFO Research website, a 65-year-old man from Dysart, Fife spotted a bright and colorful UFO hovering above him.

There are numerous documentaries on aliens and the aliens abducting humans for scientific experiments. Forget the UK or the USA, if these reports are to be believed, there have been five instances of UFO sightings in India.

In 1951, this report states, about 25 members of a flying club, including the chief aerial engineer and his two assistants, spotted a metallic cigar-shaped object and saw it make a large loop about 1,000 mph before disappearing.

Another incident was reported as recent as November 2015, when a UFO was spotted flying over Gorakhpur, Kanpur, and Lucknow.

Interestingly, a couple of days ago, The Sun had reported about a footage of a UFO orbiting the Sun. The report stated that alien "enthusiasts" claim that Nasa is covering up a huge secret about a giant four-armed space ship orbiting the Sun that they spotted repeatedly over five years.

Do you think it's for real?

Updated Date: Sep 22, 2016 07:48 AM

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