Heaviest woman loses weight? Eman Ahmed's sister blames doctor of lying for publicity

The miracle story of Egyptian Eman Ahmed Abdulati was shattered on Tuesday when her 32-year-old sister Shaimaa accused the doctor of Saifee hospital of lying about the weight loss, said media reports. Shaimaa said the doctor has asked them to return to Alexandria in Egypt without completing the full treatment.

 Heaviest woman loses weight? Eman Ahmeds sister blames doctor of lying for publicity

Eman Ahmed (L) with her family. ANI

According to NDTV, a video was released by the sister on Facebook where she alleged that reputed bariatric surgeon Muffazal Lakdawala had been lying about the whopping weight loss in order to get publicity. "Everything was a lie. God forgive them for what they have done... Eman did not lose 240 kg or 260 kg," Shaimaa says in the video.

According to The Times of India, the doctors and administrators of Saifee Hospital, where Eman has been undergoing the treatment, rebutted the allegations. Ladkawala said that he has fulfilled his promise by making Eman lose a lot of weight and enabling her to sit in a chair. Now, she is suffering from neurological problems which don't fall under his supervision, the doctor added.

Lakdawala further said that Shaimaa has made a video accusing him; it's circulating within the Egyptian consulate. The officials who helped them in getting Eman to Mumbai are so ashamed of her behaviour that they are apologising to him.

On Monday, Shaimaa alleged that Eman has been suffering from seizures since a surgery in March. The last time she suffered a seizure was sometime three years ago. A Mid-day report, however, said the rapid weight loss has dramatically enhanced Eman's health parameters. Her heart, lung, kidneys and fluid levels are all under check now.

Earlier, on 15 April, there were reports saying having lost a whopping 262 kgs after two months into her weight reduction treatment here, Eman was facing a new challenge of neurological rehabilitation, the bariatric surgeon attending her had said. Eman had landed in the megapolis as the world's heaviest woman weighing nearly 500 kilograms. She arrived here on 11 February, in a chartered flight for the treatment. Since then, she was under the care of Lakdawala and his team at the Saifee Hospital here.

"Three years ago, a stroke paralysed her. Since then there was very little muscular movement and it complicated her health issues with subsequent weight gain. physiotherapy is being administered to her as a part of the treatment. Though I am not an expert in it, her consultants here have now recommended concentration over neurological rehabilitation," Lakdawala had said.

"It is a crucial phase because the challenge of obesity in her overall health has been successfully addressed. The fluid content is already removed from her body, which helped us in halving her weight," he said. Lakdawala said that when Eman was brought to Mumbai, she was severely obese and her weight was 498 kilograms. Her body parts were then running at five per cent efficiency, which has now increased up to 60 percent, he said.

"She was also facing a bit of depression as hardly anyone was here to talk to her. She does miss her family and it is very difficult to communicate as she barely speaks because of her paralysis. It becomes more difficult for her to converse in a non-Arabic language," Lakdawala said. Now, we have lowered her category from 'high risk'
patient to a normal one, he had added.

According to Hindustan Times, after repeated attempts to avail medical aid from Egyptian and Greek doctors, Eman’s sister Shaimaa began an online campaign, which caught the attention of Lakdawala. External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj communicated with the officials of Indian embassy in Egypt, who had rejected Eman’s visa application to come to India for treatment.

On financial assistance received for her treatment, Lakdawala had said, "So far, Rs 65 lakh have been received, entirely from Indian donors. It is much less than the cost incurred as yet. And she still needs more medication and treatment in terms of neurological rehabilitation." However, the age factor is on her side, he feels. "She is around 34 years old, which could be of some help to her," the surgeon had said.

Eman successfully underwent a laparoscopic weight-loss procedure called sleeve gastrectomy on 7 March. Before being brought to Mumbai, the woman was confined to her bed and had not moved out of her house for the last 25 years.

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Updated Date: Apr 25, 2017 17:07:31 IST