'Guwahati needs Dhoble': Twitter reacts to shameful molestation

After a shocking video showed a teenager being molested by 20 men in Guwahati, people on Twitter reacted with revulsion and outrage over the incident. The video showed a class 11 student being molested, and beaten up by a mob for half an hour in full public glare.

Political leaders, journalists and people from across the spectrum condemned the attack and demanded that those guilty receive the strongest punishment possible.

 Guwahati needs Dhoble: Twitter reacts to shameful molestation

Three of the molesters were arrested on the basis of the video footage.

Here are some of the tweets:

@BDUTT: Beware the anger of injustice. For every one of us women- who have been pawed/assaulted/abused on the streets #Guwahati is a metaphor

@namitabhandare: The Guwahati molestation case shows how medieval we really are, from Baghpat to Gurgaon, Guwahati to Ghaziabad. It's the same story.

@SushmaSwarajBJP: This has not happened in Guwahati for the first time. We will not let this go unpunished.

@nabilazaidi: Sickness prevails. Sickness hails in the world we live. #guwahati #molestation

@MentalFL0SS: #Guwahati needs Dhoble.

@Bishwajeet_B: See what happened in #Guwahati - i feel no difference btw Taliban and India

@SimpooSir: Im speechless. Its a shameful realization that i live in the same country as those men.

@DJaynomics: #Guwahati you only have Gu in common with Gurgaon. Dont extend the connection more. Pls !!!

@KofyKat: WTF Guwahati. Those men should have their arms chopped off.

@ScrollsNInk: The Guwahati mob must be publicly stoned. I see no other deserving punishment. And then the video must go viral so EVERY such man is warned.

Updated Date: Jul 13, 2012 11:31:55 IST