Gurmeet Ram Rahim rape case verdict: Manohar Lal Khattar will survive because Centre is holding his hand

The Khattar government in Haryana has nothing to fear. Just like the Yogi Adityanath set up in Uttar Pradesh has remained intact and the death of 103 children is now of mild historical importance the havoc in Haryana will soon glide into the same pages. After all, in the great cosmic sense, what is 32 deaths or 132 for that matter?

Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar. PTI

Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar. PTI

All the chief minister and his coterie have to do is hold their breath until Monday, block violence on murky that day when the sentencing shall be done through video conferencing. Following that they can take huge credit for the comparative absence of violence and mayhem as compared to Black Friday and there will be much mutual backslapping. No prize for guessing that then we will be told that Haryana is a paragon of probity and Khattar an able administrator and the fact that it was a shamble or what the army would call a clusterf&&* will be of no consequence.

Amazing how these atrocities play out. Also there is not much high pitched rage from the Centre like there would have been if it was a non-BJP government. Indignation seems to be a monopoly of talk show hosts, all of whom once found Gurmeet Ram Rahim quite a marketing commodity.

But of a more serious concern than the shenanigans of venal politicians into whom we have so readily placed our destinies is the use of the army. It is against the military tenet to open fire on its own people regardless of the provocation and calling the soldiers out should be done with circumspection.

In Haryana on Friday the ineptitude of the police was more aligned with the keystone cops and would have been comical if the situation wasn’t so tragic. We have over one million people inducted into seven paramilitary forces besides the local police. That the last named were largely an embarrassment and from the footage quite visibly inclined to fold hands and kiss the LoveCharger’s feet and seek the multiple rapist’s benedictions there was no forward thinking.

Neither the CRPF nor the CISF or for that matter the NSG was even considered, or rather effectively deployed when they were ultimately called in. NSG was not roped in, however. And even if it does not directly fall under its purview even the BSF is a police organisation and has the mindset needed. By that measure use the Sashastra Seema Bal to gather intelligence from within the country as they do on the border.

And if the forces are to be used because there is no faith in these uniformed white elephants then give them air cover. This is 2017 and there is nothing more intimidating than a couple of gunship roaring at low altitude. You will break up a mob in next to no time and save lives and property. Choppers were used effectively in the post G20 riots in Hamburg two months ago. In 2012 two thugs who tried to shoot a chopper during a mob frenzy were identified and given 136 years in jail without parole. Now, that is a deterrent.

In Ghana, a riot at a soccer game was successfully blocked by using what we would best term aerial flag marches as choppers literally buzzed at roof top heights and shepherded crowds into their homes.

In London, riot police ended a looting spree in Barking by pressing choppers into service.

Even dropping tear gas from up on high is chillingly effective as is the water deluge used to fight forest fires. If we have governments who encourage mobster violence to protect vote banks then we must also have an appropriate defence.

Winston Churchill didn’t quite say what he is being credited with on Facebook. "Power will go to the hands of ras­cals, rogues, free­boot­ers; all Indian lead­ers will be of low cal­i­ber and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst them­selves for power and India will be lost in polit­i­cal squabbles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India."

He was unpleasant nasty old sod was Churchill and he hated India but he never said anything beyond the fact that Nehru and his government were men of straw. Whoever did put this gem on Facebook got it in one. Bullseye, Sir.

Updated Date: Aug 27, 2017 08:14 AM

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