Gauri Lankesh murder: Rahul Gandhi shielding Karnataka Congress govt by blaming BJP, says Murlidhar Rao

BJP general secretary and central party in-charge of Karnataka Affairs Murlidhar Rao took serious objection to “silencing of dissent” narrative built by Congress, left parties and so called liberals around the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh.

In an exclusive conversation with Firstpost, Rao said that his party was as forceful in condemning the killing of Lankesh as any other group, party or leader. “Whatever her ideological position may be, she has been against BJP but that is her fundamental right. Nobody can be killed because he or she had a particular ideological tilt. In no way we can condone and in no way acts of violence can be encouraged,” Rao said.

He then went ballistic against the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaih government in Karnataka over the scribe's murder.

“Tell me who is in-charge of law and order in Bengaluru, in Karnataka. The state is ruled by Congress government, which has the responsibility of law and order. That explains Rahul Gandhi’s frustration and his irresponsible statements. Kalburgi killers have not been arrested yet, 18 of our BJP workers have been killed but yet they speak against BJP. Whose responsibility it is to nab the killers, why is the state government not acting, why is it not arresting them and producing them before a court of law? Does this not reflect on the incompetence of the state government. I wonder how BJP comes into picture. The investigation is to be done by the police and the police reports to the state government. All agencies are with them but you see the state agencies have not attributed to anything over this murder,” Rao said.

He argued that dragging the prime minister’s name into this incident is a part of a well thought out strategy. Rahul Gandhi controls Karanataka government but instead of taking the state's chief minister to task he is pointing fingers in other direction. “Who is he trying to protect. In Kerala our workers are being killed but again the Left government there is silent on that…….. They are indulging in vote bank politics and thus they are soft on terror and separatism,” Rao claims.

Rao also came out strongly against former Vice-President Hamid Ansari’s remark (before he relinquished office) that Muslims were living with a sense of unease and fear in the country. “It was patently wrong on part of Hamid Ansari to say what he said about Muslims. He enjoyed power for 10 years, he was sitting right at the centre of power and was in lead position in the government but just before leaving the top office he gave a politically motivated statement on something which is not an issue.”

To a query that why statement of the then vice-president’s remark about his own community should not be taken seriously, the BJP general secretary said, why should we give credence to his statement. He is a citizen of this country and I am also a citizen of the country…People of the country understand the situation and there is no confusion among people’s mind.

Updated Date: Sep 08, 2017 18:43 PM

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