Educationist Manju Bharat Ram passes away at 66

Philanthropist, educationist and founder of the Shri Ram Schools, Manju Bharat Ram passed away on Wednesday after a prolonged battle against cancer.

Bharat Ram at a function. Image courtesy:

Bharat Ram was instrumental in the creation of the Shri Ram Schools and had worked toward ensuring education that came from beyond textbooks.

She had also closely worked with visually impaired children since 1968 as part of the Blind Relief Association and had also worked towards providing education to underpriveleged children.

Her work with underpriveleged children had also led to her founding the Pratham Delhi Education Initiative Trust.

Bharat Ram was a member of Board of Governors for Lady Shri Ram College and the chairperson of SRF Vidyalaya in Manali, near Chennai.

Updated Date: Dec 14, 2012 12:02 PM