If Dharamsala can get a Hollywood sign of its own, so can other desi cities

Dharamsala will soon have a sign on the lines of the famous 'Hollywood' sign in Los Angeles, on a hillock of Indru Nag.

A 100-foot-high national flag mast will also be erected near the sign.

"The budget for the project has been announced to be Rs 25 lakh," Himachal Pradesh Urban Development Minister Sudhir Sharma has said.

Highly placed (no pun intended) sources told FP Special Forces that the flag would be visible from China.

This definitely has come as a much-needed announcement considering the nightmare that young couples honeymooning currently have to go through when they have nothing but pictures of snow-clad mountains in Dharamsala to share on their Instagram accounts. According to a 'Press Misinformation Bureau' release, the canoodling couples will see the mountains this way next year.


Sources told FP Special Forces that the plan of having a landmark sign will not just be limited to Dharamsala but might also be extended to other cities in the country.
If you had some trouble envisaging what that might end up like, here's some pictorial help we thought you might need.
In the land of Mohun Bagan and golgappas


Considering the festive city that it is, Kolkata has to be the next place to get its name written in font size 5000, spread across its landscape area.
Imagine how helpful if would be for people to find their way when the city is in that Durga Puja time of the year.
In the home of Bollywood and over-priced real estate


In the little space that Mumbai has left to breathe, the sign could perfectly made to fit somewhere. Who even cares about the illegal constructions and overcrowded public places anyway? And if the sign is in a spot from where it is even slightly visible from the Bandra-Worli sea link, the toll naka could actually start making some profit.

An investment of Rs 25 lakh can do so many wonders, no?

Somewhere ignored in the Pink City


The royal-ness of Jaipur would certainly overpower a bland monotonous sign. After day 1 of its existence, the sign might become that middle child of the city without needing to have a younger sibling.

Having said that, we think an image of Lalu Prasad with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan could have easily replaced the picture above and made the same impression. Never mind.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan tourism has formed a committee to concoct a story about how the sign has actually existed since the Harappan era.

Somewhere between paan stains and free abuses


If Patliputra 2.0 gets a sign of its own, we're sure it would become the venue point for all political rallies. All the JD(U) horses and all the BJP men would flock to the landmark site regardless of it being election season. But then again, that is only after the politicians would settle on who gets to inaugurate the sign.

Another city that could trade it's public space for some huge structure is the capital of Kerala. But...


All we can say is that tourists who visit Thiruvananthapuram without a selfie stick that's at least 12-feet-long would return home disappointed.

And where's New Delhi, you ask? Last we heard, officials are still to decide whether the sign should be in English, Hindi, Urdu or Punjabi. Oh wait, and we might have just overheard Smriti Irani saying, "None of this nonsense. Agar naam Sanskrit mein nahi likha toh main apna sar kalam karke aapke charanon mein rakh dungi."

With inputs from PTI

Updated Date: May 06, 2016 11:03 AM

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