#CuttingPaani can save lives of millions today

Prioritizing water for consumption

Water consumption today needs to be given utmost importance due to the misuse of the facility, witnessed especially in the cities. As per a survey, 40 – 50% of water is wasted during the distribution system in the urban areas. With the era of upgraded and smart technology, it is necessary for the consumers to be smart and aware of the challenges and crises occurring every day, in terms of accessibility of water.

#CuttingPaani is not an ad campaign; it is an act - a movement with the power to spark real change.

With millions of people dying and suffering due to unavailability of water and many small towns going through calamities, Asian Development Bank estimates that by 2030, India will have a water deficit of 50 percent. The research also shows that 7 out of 10 people don’t finish their glass of water, which then goes to waste. To inform the consumers and draw the attention of the hard reality through simple yet effective manners, along with practical and doable solutions, Livpure conceptualized #CuttingPaani1.0.

In hindsight to Shimla’s unprecedented water crisis this year during summers, Livpure took this campaign to the city with #CuttingPaani2.0. This campaign was the extension of CuttingPaani1.0 which was a huge success but focused largely on the crises in small towns. The motive of such an initiative was to be well versed of the extreme scenarios, such as the Shimla disaster. Livpure reached out to 50 cafes and restaurants. The average consumption in any place is between 10,000 – 30,000 litres per day, and hence, approximately, the consumption of water at these 50 places will be 1, 60,000 gallons per day.

Adopting #CuttingPaani, made them save 80,000 gallons per day. The campaign did what it set out to do– make people think and change the way they consumed water. Through the digital campaign, the brand highlighted the outlook that needed to be changed and urged people to start saving water. With spreading awareness through their billboards and leaflets in Shimla, Livpure further implemented it in the form of #CuttingPaaniTake through their social media platform. The brand showcased the concept based on the premise of ‘two sides to the same coin’, which is an ongoing series of tongue-in-cheek, witty comics/ posts.

A movement in this country was created through the vision and mission of Livpure, Which strives to make every Indian healthy and ensure purity in their lives through water, air & organic food.

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Updated Date: Feb 22, 2019 11:08:25 IST