Clerics bat for education of girls in Madhya Pradesh

Shamshad wants to study engineering and Sana wants to be a doctor.

Both of them study in a madrasa in Bhopal that is helping their cause by providing them education, so that they can fulfill their dreams.

A CNN-IBN report says that madrasa's are taking the lead in women's education in the city of erstwhile nawabs and begums.


"The environment in our madrasa is very good. We have good teachers and are being provided quality education. I want to study engineering one day," says Shamshad.

Sana and Shamshad are the face of the changing scenario for girl student. Girls constitute more than three lakh seats in the 5,300 madrasas in MP. The number of women teachers are also increasing.

"We study Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Arabic, Science and also the Quran Sharif. I want to be a doctor when I grow up," says Sana.

The warden of Sana's madrasa practices strict purda which does not allow her to interact with outsiders, but the same restrictions do not apply to the girls who are allowed to interact as they prepare to step out in the outside world in pursuit of their dreams.

"It is a pride for us that 60 percent of students in madrasas across MP are girls. They are provided mid-day meals and free books by the government. Facilities are provided by the Centre and the state for the teachers as well," says Rashid Khan, the president of the Madrasa Board.

Support from the clergy and the government comes as a boost for all the Muslim girls in Madhya Pradesh for them to realise their dreams.

Updated Date: Jan 21, 2013 12:52 PM

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