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BJP MP Tarun Vijay's racism row: Do South Indians come from Mars?

These are not random exercises in prejudice. These are part of a pattern and BJP leader Tarun Vijay’s comments about Indians not being racist, see, see, we all live with South Indians, aren’t we gracious, is not just an indictment of the man but enough misconduct to have him flung out of the party. Why would the party want to be associated with such a man?

BJP MP Tarun Vijay. AFP

BJP MP Tarun Vijay. AFP

For one, it is his geography. How are Indians different from south Indians? Are they some sort of sub-species living in the country at the benediction and grace and courtesy of we Aryan North Indians…at the pleasure of the superior whiter race. What’s this, Natchez, Mississippi?

And then this benighted ‘leader’ goes on to describe them as black people as if up north in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and Punjab and Haryana and Bengal everyone is bathed in skinfair cream.

If this person had stood on a mountain and read out a scroll which said, “Hear ye, hear ye, I am as racist as a slave-owner in the American south, as nasty and ugly in my mind as the reddest of rednecks” and amplified his thoughts he could not have done a better job of shooting himself in the foot.

And that is the point. If BJP frontliners are thinking like this what price this party’s sense of unity and oneness and its expressions of overdeveloped impropriety.

After spilling the toxic waste in his mind he obviously rushes to apologise. For what? Even saying sorry makes one sick to the stomach.

That Mr Vijay is how you think. At least accept that.

When will suitable action be taken against such people for their utterances. The sheer dishonesty of it all is what is staggering. Vijay denies that the bashings of African students in Greater Noida were racist and the tangible proof of this lies in our tolerance of south Indians because they are also dark. Yes, sure. One can see all the bruised and battered Africans saying, right, man, got your point, just an error in judgment, after all, you are tight with your black people, so do the math, you must be tight with us too…and there we were thinking it’s racist, thanks so much for putting us back on track.

If he had said, you know what, let’s be blunt, we do have a ‘big brother’ attitude to the south and yes people of dark colour are victims of ugliness all over India and it is a damn disgrace that we should think like this and it is time it stopped, I would have been the first to shake his hand and say, thank you Sir, for saying it like it is and enough is enough.

But he did not do that. He said something so politically outrageous, so alarmingly lacking in knowledge and common sense and so mean-spirited that unless we Indians are prepared to wake up and understand that we are facing a huge ethnic, casteist, religious divide fanned by the very people voted in to create togetherness as the bedrock of a new India we will lemming over the cliff and it will be too late by the time we figure out how hatred and contempt are the new fragrances in our country.

Let me tell you something, Tarun Vijay. I am from the Punjab. My wife is from Kerala. North and South. And in the 37 years she has been married to me it’s not as though she was permitted by me to stay in the house, you silly fellow, or that I was doing her some huge favour in kindness, or that she was in some way being given a gift of my beneficence.

Even in trying to explain this idiocy one gives you uncalled for credit by recognising you.

I don’t know, why do we even try saving a lost cause…this hatefulness, this pettiness keeps growing like a poisonous weed and all we do is write about it when we should be rooting it out.

Updated Date: Apr 07, 2017 20:06 PM

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