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At four year mark of Narendra Modi govt, 57 percent citizens satisfied with performance, says survey

Four years back, a Narendra Modi-led NDA swept the general elections with a thumping majority – winning 325 Parliamentary seats – and formed the government. Now, with his term entering its final year, a total of 57 percent Indians feel that the BJP dispensation has "either met or exceeded" their expectations, a survey said.

A survey conducted by LocalCircles to gauge citizens' feedback on how the central government has fared showed that more than half of the Indian citizens feel that the Modi-led government has fared well. A majority of those surveyed felt that the Modi government scored well on improving India's image globally, handling of Pakistan, fighting terrorism, infrastructure development and reducing tax harassment.

 At four year mark of Narendra Modi govt, 57 percent citizens satisfied with performance, says survey

Source: LocalCircles

Around 28 percent citizens said the government has exceeded their expectations, and this metric has shown a dramatic improvement upwards compared to 17 percent last year and 18 percent in 2016. While only 29 percent citizens said that the government meets their expectation, and this has fallen from 44 percent last year and 46 percent in the year 2016.

On the other hand, the citizens rate the government low on reducing crime against women and children, generating employment, improving farmers life, lowering cost of living, healthcare, the survey said.

In 2016, 36 percent rated the government as not meeting expectations, which rose to 39 percent in 2017 and in 2018 this number rises to 43 percent. This means that opinion about the government performance is more polarised now, with both exceeding expectations and not meeting expectation percentages going up.

On the four-year mark, 56 percent citizens believe the government is on track to deliver the promises made in the pre-election manifesto, which is a slight slide from 59 percent in the last years’ survey. But most performance parameters show a decline over time as the gap between expectations set and impact on daily life rises, the survey pointed out.

Source: LocalCircles

Source: LocalCircles

"The expectations from political establishments or the ruling party among citizens deteriorate very fast. This expectation percentage is similar to the approval ratings for US presidents and while it is falling every year, it is still in high digits for the Modi government,” the report said.

Key areas covered in the survey:

Quality of life under Modi government
- Around 60 percent citizens said that price of essential commodities and cost of living has not reduced.
- Only 32 percent citizens feel that crime against women and children have reduced in the last four years.
- Only 32 percent citizens believe that healthcare facilities and services in their city have improved in the last four years.
- 43 percent citizens said their city had become cleaner while 51 percent said Swachh Bharat Mission has had no effect on cleanliness in their city.
- Around 65 percent citizens felt optimistic about their family's future in India while 27 percent said they were not very optimistic.

State of the economy
- 65 percent of citizens felt sufficient new infrastructure development (roads, power, irrigation, broadband etc) has taken place in the last four years.
Around 46 percent citizens believe that doing business in India has become easier in the last four years while 39 percent said it is not the case.
- Around 35 percent citizens believe that the unemployment rate has reduced in the last four years.
- Around 54 percent this year said that harassment by tax officials has reduced to a certain extent, this number is up from 36 percent in 2017 as well as 2016.
- 47 percent citizens said that the life of farmers has not improved in the last four years.

Around 49 percent of citizens believe that corruption in India has reduced in the last four years, while 44 percent believe it has not reduced.

Communalism, terrorism and foreign affairs
- 82 percent feel India's image and influence in the world has improved.
- Around 74 percent approved the way Indian government has handled the perpetual conflict on our borders and relations with Pakistan in the last four years.
- Around 61 percent of citizens believed that terrorism and acts of terror against Indians have reduced in the last few years.

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Parliament functioning, MP engagement and VIP culture
Around 40 percent citizens said that the government has been able to effectively handle Parliament and deliver on converting legislation needed.
- 51 percent citizens still feel that the VIP culture has not reduced in India in the last four years.

Read the full report here.

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Updated Date: May 14, 2018 18:53:43 IST

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