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Arnab Goswami on Reddit AMA: 'Journalists need to set the agenda for politicians'

If you have not noticed the big hoardings announcing the coming back of Arnab Goswami then you probably live under a rock. On Tuesday, the journalist held an AMA on Reddit doing what he does the best — answering pertinent questions from an inquisitive nation. The nation really did want to know, is our guess. From nationalism to journalism, Goswami answered a wide set of questions.

On Republic TV

"I am very proud of all my partners. Each one of them believes in my journalism. I am proud of the investment we have received from Asianet News. It is India's oldest private news channel. Rajeev is a nationalist and we share a great rapport." He also said, "We believe that journalists need to set the agenda for politicians. Not just their soundbites and debate it. That's what we will do on Republic. I trust this will set a new benchmark and we need your support."

On Nationalism

File photo of Arnab Goswami. CNN-News18

File photo of Arnab Goswami. CNN-News18

"There can never be enough nationalism. More the better. We have forces that are trying to divide and break India from within. No nation can be soft on anti-nationals. My position remains the same that I took when a bunch of anti nationals tried to make the breakup of India into a slogan on the JNU campus. I took them on, even though the Lutyens media and cocktail activists didn't."

On the role of media and his political affiliation 

"We have had historians who had the temerity to classify Bhagat Singh as a terrorist. These people must be brought off their pulpits. These people have had a disproportionate share of voice (sic) because a large section of the traditional legacy media has co-opted them and given them space in editorial pages and TV. I am trying to change that. We need a fresh new group of people who lead opinion in India. They need to be from across India, not a 5x5 kilometre zone from Malcha Marg to the JNU campus. Trust me, we will make that happen with Republic."

On what is the most absurd thing somebody said on his television show 

"That I was paid to be pro-LGBT rights hahahahaha."

On freedom of press

"Freedom for a reporter is in his mind. I broke many scams and many more are to come. Nobody threatened me. Threats should be water off a ducks back, for journalists."

On Kashmir 

"I feel the Army and paramilitary needs to be given greater powers in Kashmir. The state government must empower the J&K Police. Before every election in the state, the party in power softens versus the separatists. I am appalled at the pictures of Kashmiris assaulting a soldier. That soldier must be decorated for his restraint and each of those goons rounded up. People have questioned why a Kashmiri was put in front of an army jeep. If that is the only way to stop an attack on our soldiers, I see no problem with it. No man in an Indian uniform can become prey to the cowards who shoot in stealth. I wish the legacy Indian media saw the reality."

On his role model

"No particular role model. But I liked Vinod Mehta a lot. He was free spirited and wrote very well. Always miss him on my shows."


Updated Date: Apr 27, 2017 17:54 PM

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