Al-Quds Day: Iran holds annual set of rallies to condemn Israel's occupation of Palestine

Tehran: Iran is holding anti-Israel rallies across the country, with protesters condemning Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories and chanting "Death to Israel".

Marchers in Tehran are heading from various points of the city toward the Friday prayer ceremony at Tehran University. State media say similar demonstrations are underway in other cities and towns in Iran.

 Al-Quds Day: Iran holds annual set of rallies to condemn Israels occupation of Palestine

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Iran also displayed three surface-to-surface ballistic missiles, including the Zolfaghar — the type that Iran used this week to target the Islamic State group in Syria.

The anti-Israel rallies are an annual event marking Al-Quds Day, a historic Arabic name for Jerusalem. Iran says it's an occasion to express support for the Palestinians and emphasise the importance of Jerusalem for Muslims.

Iran doesn't recognize Israel and staunchly backs militant groups, including Palestinian Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah.

Updated Date: Jun 23, 2017 13:09:31 IST