Agni-IV with 4,000 km strike range test-fired successfully

This is the second successful trial of the long range nuclear-capable ballistic missile.

hidden September 19, 2012 13:12:07 IST
Agni-IV with 4,000 km strike range test-fired successfully

Balasore (Odisha): India today test-fired its nuclear-capable strategic missile Agni-IV with a strike range of about 4000 km from a test range off Odisha coast.

It was test launched with the help of a mobile launcher from launch complex-4 of ITR at Wheeler Island, about 100 km from here, at about 1145 hours, defence sources said.

AgniIV with 4000 km strike range testfired successfully

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A high performance on-board computer with distributed avionics architecture and high speed reliable communication bus and a full Digital Control System were used to control and guide the missile to the target.

"It is equipped with modern and compact avionics to provide high level of reliability," a DRDO official said.

"The state-of-the-art Ring Laser Gyros based high accuracy INS (RINS) and Micro Navigation System (MINGS) complementing each other in redundant mode have been incorporated into the missile system in guidance mode,"  the sources said.

The sophisticated missile is lighter in weight and has two stages of solid propulsion. The payload, with a re-entry heat shield can withstand temperature of more than 3000 degree Celsius, a defence scientist said.

The missile, is undergoing developmental trials by country’s premier Defence Research and Development

The last trial of the missile, carried out on 15 November, 2011 from the same base was successful.


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