6 Ps Plan: Kiran Bedi's weapon for crimes against women

When the country is grappling with thousands of sexual assault cases against women reported daily, trust Kiran Bedi to come up with one of the most holistic plans to combat these crimes. The former IPS officer and India Against Corruption member presented her 6Ps plan - Crime Prevention Plan within police, people (society), prosecution, politician, prison and press (news media and film industry) - on CNN-IBN.

Bedi was confident that if this plan of hers is implemented, police administration can be improved and crime rate can be reduced to a considerable extent.

 6 Ps Plan: Kiran Bedis weapon for crimes against women

There is widespread distrust of the police among the common man. But that will not help combat crimes against women in the long run. PTI

She said, "6Ps means crime prevention plan within police, within people because community has a very major role to play. So the people, the police, the prosecution; then comes the role of the politician, the prisons and the media, which is the press and press also includes the films, and then comes the jail. So it is the 6Ps and a J."

Kiran Bedi also stressed on the need to devise a community plan because the plan would fail without the support of the community. "You can't have sons of mothers, who have no control over their boys. So you need social, primary education at the family level, "she added.

Though there is widespread skepticism over the role of the police, Bedi said, that can only be solved if there is community policing irrespective of beat policing. Community policing - a system in which police officers of an area kept in touch with all the members and activities of that area, was a system that Kiran Bedi had put into place when she was a top cop in Delhi.

She stressed the fact that the police must build relationships with families in the neighbourhood for effective policing. She said, "You see, when a beat officer goes, he is walking his beat, he is building relationships. He is also preventing crimes because he is collecting intelligence. He is also visiting past criminals and doing rehabilitation."

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Updated Date: Dec 31, 2012 12:45:25 IST