6 healthy and sexy gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Keeping your spouse happy, while also not compromising your own happiness, can take a lot of effort even if it’s worth it in the end.

Myupchar February 11, 2020 16:33:26 IST
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6 healthy and sexy gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ask any happily married couple and they’ll tell you that the little things you do to make your partner happy do matter. And now, if you ask science, you’ll get the same answer. A new study by Michigan State University found that having an optimistic and happy partner can delay cognitive decline. While important, this isn’t the only benefit of ensuring your partner’s happiness. A happy spouse provides a healthy support system and that can result in being less stressed, having a longer life and faster healing in the long run. 

6 healthy and sexy gift ideas for Valentines Day

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But, of course, it is easier said than done. Keeping your spouse happy, while also not compromising your own happiness, can take a lot of effort even if it’s worth it in the end. Trusting and respecting them always, making time for them no matter how hectic life gets, and always being honest play a huge role. Then it comes to appreciating them and also their individual needs and expectations from you. All of these things are an ongoing process and have to be unconditional - you can’t be trusting on some days and not on others and expect your relationship to last. There are some other things you only need to do once in a while though - like surprising them with thoughtful gifts. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, here are a few gift ideas that are a mix of sexy and healthy - since the wellbeing of you and your partner should always be first priority.

1. Satin sheets 

We swear by natural fabrics like cotton when it comes to our wardrobe, but it isn’t the best option to sleep on. Satin sheets aren’t only for the cool bachelor pads in movies but also for couples who want healthy hair and skin. They feel great on the skin and also reduce hair breakage and chafing of the skin. Pick up a set in your partner’s favourite colour with matching pillowcases this Valentine’s day.  

2. Sex toys

We know that having orgasms has multiple benefits for your health. But a large percentage of women are unable to orgasm through penetration alone and even the ones who may face difficulty on occasion. Adding a small vibrator into the mix can greatly increase the odds of having an orgasming though. You can even try vibrating cock rings which are relatively easier to get a hold of and also pleasure both partners. 

3. A condom care package 

If you’re in a healthy sexual relationship, you can’t ever have enough condoms. A sexy care package can include lubricants and all types of condoms from dotted to ribbed and banana to bubblegum flavoured. It’s the perfect way to experiment with something new and practise safe sex at the same time.

4. Lavender candles 

It is proven that lavender has soothing properties and can even help you sleep better. A few lavender-scented candles can be a great gift for partners who are under a lot of stress or experience disrupted sleep. What’s sexy about them? Natural mood lighting during sex, of course. 

5. Massage oils 

Some of the most famous health benefits of massages are reducing stress and fatigue, improving blood circulation and managing pain and muscle soreness. Know what else massages are good for? Foreplay. It’s the perfect way to get your partner in the mood and can also make the sex a lot more sensual because of how your bodies move against each other after being rubbed with oil.

6. Bachata dance classes

Valentine’s day comes around once a year but your gift doesn’t have to be limited to just the one day, does it? One of the best gifts to give your partner is the chance to participate in physical activity (not the sexual kind) together, regularly. This can not only help you both get fit but also bring you closer together. Our suggestion? Bachata dance classes. Bachata is considered to be one of the more sensual dance forms in the world and the hip movements are also bound to increase your flexibility in the bedroom. 

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